Monday, November 26, 2012

Children’s Christmas Card Exchange

Christmas Card Button

Last year Esmé participated in a Christmas card exchange with other kiddos, and she loved “blessing others” and then getting regular mail “just for her” all month long.  When we discussed what she would like to do again this year, a card exchange was at the top of her list.

So we will be hosting a Children’s Christmas Card exchange this year!  If you are interested and willing to send up to 24 cards to others in the exchange, please send me an email (janemaritz at yahoo dot com) by Monday, December 3rd with the following information:

  • Name(s) of children
  • Age(s) of children
  • Mailing address
  • If more than one child, will you be doing a family card, or individual cards for each childNote:  unless you specify otherwise, individual cards from or to a family with multiple kiddos can be sent in the same envelope to save on postage costs.

I will be compiling information and emailing participants with names and addresses on December 3rd.  If you could have cards in the mail by December 18th, that would be much appreciated by all.

International addresses are welcome!  We got some terrific cards from Australia last year that initiated a great geography lesson!

No rules as far as what kind of card you send, though I do strongly encourage that your kids do at least one thing on each card, be it putting on a sticker or stamp, signing their names, etc.  We really enjoyed the personalized cards:  cards that had been crafted by the child, included a favorite recipe, Christmas activity, Bible verse, photo or even the family Christmas letter.

Please share this post with others!  The more, the merrier! I’ll be splitting up the list if we have more than 25 participating, so you only need to commit to sending 24 cards.


Crystal said...

Great idea, we'd love to do this!
I'm also a new follower!

Lindsay said...

This sounds like so much fun! Going to send you an email right now! :-)

Jamie M. said...

Wonderful idea!! New follower, too. Just sent you an email with the info!

Wendy Glassford said...

We are so excited!! Thank you for including us. You just made these homeschoolers day!! Sending you a email right now!

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Thanks for the invitation. We enjoyed pairing postcard swaps and Valentine cards with geography lessons before. This will be a treat.