Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mission Sunday: Life is Precious


Living in Africa, there was often this feeling, this stifling atmosphere, that life is somehow cheaper there.  You are surrounded by death; as Danae writes of her experience in Tchad, 98% of women have lost babies (not including miscarriages or preterm deaths).  You become used to it.  And yet, you know each life is infinitely precious to the Creator.

If you are a prayer warrior, today I want to point you to Danae’s post:  Shades of Grey…  I don’t know this little 3-day-old premie’s name, but I do know his life is a miracle, cardboard box incubator and all.  You can read more about his entry into the world on her blog.

And you can pray.  I’ve seen the mom bloggerland flood the skies with prayer in tragic circumstances, and I’d love to see it here, for this little one.  Life, anywhere in the world, is not cheap.  It has been bought at tremendous cost.


Alicia Johnson said...

My prayers are with that little one. Thanks for the reminder of how precious life is.

Anonymous said...

will do! I am on this (Africa) side of the world so this is dear (and common) to my heart.

Healthy & Happy said...