Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Special Offer: Speekee

When we lived in Mozambique, I had visions of multi-lingualism…  Esmé had a little friend who spoke five languages.  We were surrounded by a multitude of languages, mostly not our own.

Since coming back to the US, we’ve settled into an English rut.  I’ve even dropped the little bit of sign language we were working on.  Afrikaans (Daddy’s first language) is heard on occasion, but not nearly enough from Esmé’s mouth.

So I was thrilled to see an offer for Speekee TV.  We can certainly use a gentle introduction to other languages, especially if we want to keep up our globe-trottin’ identity.

Speekee TV is rated the world’s #1 Spanish learning program for young children. It makes learning Spanish child’s play!


We have teamed up with Speekee to offer you a month of totally free access to all 10 episodes of Speekee TV – over 150 minutes of pure Spanish learning.

Note: Speekee TV is a PayPal subscription-based service. No payments are necessary for a whole month. Cancel any time before that month expires and you pay nothing.

Click here to start watching Speekee TV free today!

Offer expires September 21, 2011