Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

What Esmé (4yo) has to say about:

Water Birth:

Esmé and I were working through a study on amphibians.  The lesson kept emphasizing this point:  While alligators etc. are born on land, all amphibians are born in the water. 

Esmé, confused, asked me, “What am I, Mom?  Am I an amphibian?”

I guess I would be confused, too, if my mom had given birth to me in a birthing tub…

Parallel Realities:

We were discussing how Esmé is perfectly unique, specially created by God.  “Gabe is unique, too!” she says of her stuffed horse.

“Actually,” I say, “Gabe was made in a factory.  There are lots of other horses just like him.”

“But really,” she insists.  “The factory is horse heaven!  All the angel horses and Gabe were made there.  They have a horse god there and everything.” 

Totally unrelated - we have all kinds of cool things in our yard this summer…
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ShEiLa said...

I need to transfer from my world (reality) to yours Miss Esme (make believe) *Ü*