Thursday, July 21, 2011

Negotiator: Scene 1

4yo Esmé is happily playing with a super sharp pencil in the back seat of the car.  Mom is driving.

Mom:  Put the pencil down, please.

Esmé:  Why?

Mom:  Think about what would happen if I had to stop the car suddenly, like if a deer jumped in front of us.  What would the pencil do?  It might stab you in the arm…

Esmé:  …or it might poke me in the eye.  And I would be blind.  But I wouldn’t be blind forever.  When Jesus takes me to heaven, He could heal me, just like He healed the man born blind!  That would be SO COOL!

Mom:  Grrrrr…

Shifting gears to her “standing on Daddy’s hand” tricks:

P1040295 (2)P1040299 (2)P1040297 (2)P1040305 (2)


kailani said...

She can definitely put things into perspective! LOL!

ShEiLa said...

Kids don't have the same fears that Mother's do.

Quite tricky Miss Esme with the standing on Daddy's hands.


Anonymous said...

this is why you don't teach kids the new testament till they are older. Just old testament God all day long. New testament God only when they are good and do as they were told.... Rewards you know!