Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: St. Patrick’s Day Copywork Crafts and Pages

It’s that time of year already – we’re coming up fast upon March 17…  And to start off the month, we’ve been working with St. Patrick’s Day Copywork Crafts and Pages from Eastern Wind Academy.

This pack includes nine different types of copywork projects and covers the history of St. Patrick’s Day, some of the symbols and legends, and a sampling of Irish blessings and proverbs.  You can find copywork in five styles:  print-tracing, pre-cursive tracing, cursive tracing, primary lines, and regular lines.

What We Liked:  This is copywork at its best – as it goes beyond just copywork to become part of a project, craft, game, greeting card, etc.  That would be our favorite part – Esmé particularly enjoyed cutting the crafts out.

P1020898 (2)

I like how the package provides a wide overview of St. Patrick’s Day, from history to legends, to Irish blessings, proverbs, and jokes.

P1020902 (2)

I also appreciated the availability of different copywork styles for different levels of writers.  This is something we can bring out again in future years as Esmé’s writing abilities grow.

What We Didn’t Like:  Not so much a dislike as an observation:  the font used for the tracing options is a bit small for the beginning writer.  Also, I removed one page of the 127-page pack due to theological differences, but really a very minor thing.

Rating:  Overall, this gets a 5 out of 5 – for its variety of projects and its value for the money.

Thanks to Heart of the Matter for coordinating the review file of this product. 

You can currently acquire the copywork pack through CurrClick for a sale price of $2.00.