Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bulletin Boards

BannerI was figuring the only place we’d see snow for the rest of the winter would be on our bulletin board, but we were pleasantly surprised with a light dusting this morning.

It disappeared too quickly to do anything fun – but it reminded me that I wanted to post a picture of that snowy bulletin board:
P1020191 (2)
Umm – this photo WAS taken in January, hence the calendar.  Honestly.

The board has been displaced by this amazing batik – which has been waiting patiently to be put up in Esmé’s room since our return from Mozambique.
P1020590 (2)
This thing is huge – the photo doesn’t quite do it justice.  It’s longer than the length of the bed.  And I love it!

Back to the snowy bulletin board.  I loved having a spot to stick our memory verse, calendar, and whatever songs etc we might be working on, as well as display a little of her artwork.  Definitely a significant learning space.  I seriously need to find a new spot for it – it keeps getting knocked over in its precarious lean-to transition camp across from the bathroom…  We are all about interior planning and design at our tiny house, if you know what I mean.

Here’s Esmé painting snow dots for the backdrop:
P1020182 (2)

And we both practiced cutting out snowflakes from coffee filters.  Esmé was very sad to see these stapled up, since she wanted to hug and baby them a little longer:
P1020184 (2)

And I love these paper chain snowmen!  Esmé gave each and every one of them a cheery smile after I cut them out for her…
P1020194 (2)