Saturday, January 8, 2011

Read to Me

We are still alive.  In case anyone was wondering.

I’ve got about 1,001 posts lined up, but my 101 New Year’s resolutions aren’t allowing me to get to the computer for any decent length of time.

Um, yeah – New Year’s resolutions are in that post lineup.  Along with Christmas activities and so forth.

Back to the point of this quick post (which is turning out to be not so quick):

We are signing up for the Read to Me Picture Book Challenge over at There’s A Book.

At the Harvesting level (200 picture books), of course.  I’m actually anticipating 1,000 at least – 20/week is totally doable for the monkey in our house.  We’re kind of sort of big-time readers – New Year’s resolutions or no. 

As of last September, we’ve been tracking books read in Shelfari, so if you’re in that neighborhood, by all means, come visit and see what we’ve been up to!  And join us in the challenge!

Our immediate goal:  Get through the top 100 picture books – at least as many as our library carries…


The1stdaughter said...

YAY! I'm so excited to see so many eager participants and I love that you read so much in your home! So neat! I cannot wait to see what you read throughout the year. And who knows...maybe I'll do something special for whomever reads the most books. We'll just have to see! :o) Thanks so much for participating!