Friday, August 20, 2010

Review/Giveaway: Download N Go

In spite of being on summer vacation and all, Mom has me busy doing "summer discoveries!"  We'll get some photos posted this weekend, but just wanted to get this review/giveaway of the product that triggered all our activity posted today...

Introducing the newest title in the Download N Go™ line ... SUMMER SENSATIONS!
Turn school into . . .    cool!

Make a splash to start the new school year --

Your child will investigate how seasons change, what summer is all about, how shadows work, why trees are important in the summertime, and yummy--discover some history about snow cones and ice cream!

And it's a great time to seize many of those cool summery interests that your kids are intrigued with.

Day 1: What is Summer?
Day 2: Science Secrets of Summer
Day 3: People and Places of Summer
Day 4: Time for Tips and Treasures of Summer
Day 5: Goodies and Surprises of Summer

Exciting changes abound for kids of all ages to experience, so why not take all of their pent-up excitement and enthusiasm and put it to good use as they dive right into learning about summer and all that it holds?

It's time to watch the trees grow and enjoy their shade, feel the hot temperatures, take a plunge in the water, and enjoy a slower pace of life as summer spreads through the neighborhood.

There's an additional Learning Links page, and all lapbook components are ready to print and go! 

Want to read more about Summer Sensations? Go here.
About the author:

Amanda Bennett has been a successful homeschool parent, a well-known author and spe
aker at homeschool conferences. Amanda loves to share her faith, homeschool experiences and a contagious love of learning.  She says "Learning should be an exciting adventure - SHOULD BE but that's not always the case, is it?" If you're overwhelmed with all the work that it takes to be a success at homeschooling check out the Download N Go™ Series. Come on and join the adventure! All you have to do is dive in with your kids and learn! 
For more information, go to The Old Schoolhouse

What Mom Likes:  I love how everything is put together for you!  In addition to bright, attractive worksheets and lapbook components, these series make great use of resources available online - with links to videos, informational websites, and activity idea sites, as well as suggested book lists.

The series is geared to lower elementary, with some pieces that work great for a K level, while others are more advanced.  It would work wonderfully for a multi-aged family, I think.  (Since we only have one little one, I had to do some of the research work, but I don't mind the learning!  For instance, one worksheet on the subject of popsicles links to a website with the age of the inventor.  It has several numbers on the page, instructing the child to color in the correct age.  So I do the research ahead of time, talk to Esmé about how popsicles were invented, and then have her locate and color in the number.)

So there is lots of fun to be had, as well the learning.  How many 3-year-olds can tell you that seasons are caused by the earth's tilt?  She's just barely realizing that there ARE seasons, as she's only been in the northern hemisphere less than two years now.  Yet the earth-tilt video clip is one she wanted to watch over and over.  (She would make ice cream over and over too, if I would let her... :)

What Mom Doesn't Like:  Other than the feeling of being overwhelmed, nothing!  (I haven't quite figured out how to get over the checklist mentality and just pick and choose what we do - I want to do it all!)  This unit is LOADED with topics that could take a week of their own to do, from fireflies to Northern lights, to ice cream, to bird watching, to leaf identification, to so much more!  While we managed to get through it in 6 days, I could easily see it covering a month instead of a week.

To Enter to win a download of this Download N Go Summer Sensations unit (currently priced at $7.95):

Leave a comment on this post.  Be sure I have a way to contact you if you win.

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Open worldwide.

A winner will be randomly picked after August 31st.  

Thanks to litFUSE and The Old Schoolhouse Download N Go for the review download of this product.


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