Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bambi Go Home!

Dear Deer:

All the trees in our orchard - apple, pear, plum, grape – you may freely eat of these.  (They're a tad bit on the wormy side this year.)

But these pictured here?  These are forbidden fruit.  These are my babies.  I have carefully nurtured and watched as each little flower turned into a nub and grew, and grew, and grew, and transformed in color…
Do you understand?

Look carefully!  Read my lips!  Stop grazing and pay attention!

Whatever.  Too late already, anyways.  My babies are all gone, and nothing can bring them back.

I may never attempt a garden again.  The only skill I’m teaching my daughter is how to waste a lot of time.  And how to feed the deer.

Esmé’s Mom

Photos of visitors in our yard courtesy of our neighbors; the act of tomato and cucumber and onion destruction absent in this set.
IMG_2411 IMG_2417
IMG_2435 IMG_2429


Healthy & Happy said...

Sorry! You sound frustrated like Mom before she got the deer fences up... But at least you know why they disappeared, my pumpkins are dying on the vine and i have no bambi to blame...

ShEiLa said...

Oh my...
I think I would figure out a way to have 'deer safe' tomatoes and enjoy watching the beautiful creatures. I love seeing deer, elk, antelope oh and cougars. (the cougar part is a joke... this last car trip every time I saw road kill I said... looks like a cougar. My hubby wasn't getting why I thought it was funny.)


Briana said...

Ah, I know how you feel! You need a high fence around your garden. I hope you don't give up.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I am fighting the same battle with squirrels who have this summer eaten all of my strawberries, all of my spaghetti squash, and many of my hairloom tomatoes. Argh!!