Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anyone else have a 3-year-old backseat driver? Here's Esmé's question to me recently:

"Was the light red, and did you stop, and then you went, and the light was still red?"

So I had to give a nice long explanation on how it is acceptable to turn right on red.

And here I thought she couldn't see much from her back seat position...

We've been practicing all the different words to describe babies of different species. She's got most of the common ones downpat, but the word for baby goat just strikes her as WRONG!

"This baby goat ISN'T a KID! It's a BABY!"

I blame all the potty training videos for this insistence that babies and big kids are two different things...

Speaking of baby goats, here's a recent conversation:

Esmé:  The baby goat is crying.  You need to take the baby goat to the doctor!

Mom:  Why?

Esmé:  Because the baby goat's tummy is talking.  The doctor will make the baby goat's tummy stop talking.

Mom:  What is the baby goat's tummy saying?

Esmé:  It's saying it's time to go to Sabbath School.  I told it, "No!"

For a long while we used fruit snacks as "incentives" to encourage cooperation.  "If you lie down quietly and take a nap, you can have five fruit snacks when you wake up," etc.

But Esmé has her own method for using them.  She grabbed the hangers I was using to hang up some handwashing.  "You need to get me some fruit snacks so I can give you the hangers!"

Esmé is almost ALWAYS role-playing these days.  Occasionally it's a human role, such as this little ballerina!


CristyLynn said...

She's a lovely ballerina!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel would totall do the hanger thing. He isn't interested in naps right now.

Ticia said...

My kids totally backseat drive.