Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: SafetyTat

What's so funny?

Esmé's Mom here. I'm still trying to figure it out, but it's got something to do with those really cool tattoos on her arms.

SafetyTat is one of those products that you maybe never thought about, but just make sense.

I know how quickly Esmé can disappear out of site while we're out shopping, etc. I turn away to browse through the clothing rack, and next thing I know, she's gone - usually under one of the clothing racks hidden by clothing! Nothing traumatic or scary - yet!
SafetyTat is a fun and colorful temporary safety child ID tattoo that’s uniquely offered either customized with your mobile phone number or blank so you can write in your cell phone number on them. When applied to the arm of your child or loved one, SafetyTat provides an immediate, highly visible form of child identification that stays in place even when wet!
We got to review two types of tattoos - the Original Style (we chose Skittle the Cat) and the Quick Stick Write-On.  Fortunately they haven't been put to test yet - I didn't manage to lose Esmé :) - but I will definitely be using them for future outings.

You have to use warm water for the Original Style, but it's painless.  And there are MANY designs to choose from.  Esmé adopted Skittle and renamed him Earthquake.  Best buddies, they are.  She's tried to rub him off in the 12 hours she's had him on, but with no success, even in the bath.  (Baby oil and a little rubbing will do the trick, btw.)  These come preprinted with the phone number you specify.

The Quick Stick Write-On was a slightly different story.  It goes on kind of like a bandaid.  Easy to put on anywhere, since you don't need water for it.  And you write the phone # on, so it's easy to customize to whatever situation you're in.  The pack even comes with skin prep wipes, so you can just toss in your purse and be totally prepared.

Except Esmé decided the mouse (in the 3-variety pack we got) was scary.  Maybe I shouldn't have put a cat on one arm and a mouse on the other?  And she had that tattoo off in no time flat, with no problem.  She said it hurt a little taking it off (I imagine like a bandaid), but that didn't deter her at all.

So next time I'll have to not use scary mice, and put it somewhere she can't reach, but is still fairly easy to spot...

In any event, I love the product and will definitely be keeping it on hand!  And will probably stick with the Original Style that the little miss can't take off - yet!

To check out this product for your own child's safety, visit  There are also gift cards available if you want to gift other moms with a little peace of mind.

Thanks to SafetyTat for the review product, and to MamaBuzz for organizing the review tour.


w said...

i liked the tats a lot. great review!

ShEiLa said...

that is a great idea.
kids can slip out of sight to very fast even its inside the clothing racks and they think they are so funny... but better safe than sorry.


Will said...

My kids are way past that stage but what an interesting idea... And what a great set of teeth she has!