Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Esmé (3yo) is correcting our grammar. She was eating food in a bowl. Or rather, NOT eating it.

Pappa: It's good to finish the food on your plate.

Esmé: It's not a plate, it's a BOWL.

Pappa: OK, it’s good to finish the food on your bowl.

Esmé: It's not on your bowl, it’s IN your bowl.

How are we gonna make it through the teen years?

She corrects us on lots of other things, too. Like television network names.

Pappa was talking about a clip he watched on NBC of a 2yo who knows all the countries and their capitals. (Boy, are we behind...)

Esmé (interrupting): Let me tell you something! Let me tell you something! (All is quiet.) It's NOT NBC. It's ABC. Do you want to sing the ABCDEFG song?

Pappa explains how there television networks use initials for identification. There are ABC, and NBC, and CNN, and CBC, and FOX networks.

Esmé: NO! It's NOT FOX network. It's Swiper the Fox. He's the bad fox that swipes things. NOT FOX network!

Which network is Dora on, by the way?

And I was reading a book to her, starting with the title and author.

Mommy: ...by [Author's Name].

Esmé: No! It's not by [Author's Name]. It's BUY DOT COM!

Uh. Huh.

Esmé (to Mommy, stick in hand): I'm going to give you a spanking!

Mommy (gotta nip this in the bud): No! You must never spank adults. In fact, you must not spank anyone!

Esmé: Not even a little one?

Mommy: Not even a little one.

Esmé (after thinking a bit, in all seriousness): Is it OK for you to spank me? Is it OK for you to spank me?

Uh?  What's the right answer? In 3yo terms?


Annette W. said...

Meghan likes to be particular with vocab too, now that she has it.

And yes, we have had to address the spanking. She has tried to spank her brother...and me.

We attempted to explain that only parents spank...

Anonymous said...

She's adorable, and so smart!!