Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas School

Tot School
We have been amazingly busy, but Mommy says there is no way we are completing our Christmas projects by Christmas. Good thing we've got nothing planned for next week!
Here are some of the things we did this last week...
Let's start with nativity stuff. Here's a nativity scene I created with stickers, clipart, and glue. Lots of artistic license involved!
And another nativity set we started using toilet paper rolls! Very cool, huh? They even have a backdrop you can paste around two toilet rolls.
Here's a "gingerbread" house we made using graham crackers, peanut butter, pretzels, and frosted shredded wheat on the roof.
For decorations, we used dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries, and pineapple, as well as pumpkin seeds and a wreath-like cracker.
And I sprinkled the snow (unsweetened coconut) all over!
We built it tall for reason. Like the size of graham crackers? No - it was built for my
camelsdromedaries. See?
Look too healthy for you? Well, Mommy kind of compensated by letting me make white-chocolate-covered pretzels. I was in charge of sprinkles. And I learned all about why you shouldn't double-dip. (Notice Penguin in the back, doing a face-plant into the bowl of pretzels?)
Pretty, huh?
While we're on the subject of food, we made cinnamon stars out of tortillas, spread with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I spread the butter. I LOVE butter - especially eating it plain! Of course, they needed green sprinkles, too.
They were so cute I was inspired to call for a picnic! So Mommy made some sandwich spread, brought out the crackers and a bowl of frozen berries, and we had our picnic on the living room floor!
We made pastry cutouts using pie dough. Mommy was going to make ornaments out of them, but they were too small. As far as I was concerned, it was just like play dough... Except you could eat it!
Speaking of cookie cutouts, Mommy made a sheet of cutout prints, and then I had to match up the cookie cutout to the print. Easy peasy!
Here's a holly man I made at daycare... I love the green teeth!
I also made this dancing holiday bear at daycare. The body parts are connected by brads so I can make him dance easily!
I made the obligatory paper plate wreath. First you paint it green...
...then you glue red pompoms and ribbon and glitter and tinsel on it. It's so easy I can do it while I'm on the phone!
I practiced my counting with jingle bells. There were five stockings, each with a number from 1 to 5. First I put them in order, then I counted out the right number of bells and put it into each stocking.
And then I had to try on the stockings for size, of course! I was saddened to learn they were too small...
I practiced my tracing with circles. A snowman, and some gingerbread man circles, too! The gingerbread man printables come from - they have daily free printables that are just perfect for me right now! You have to download the daily printables while they are up, though, so we can't give you a direct link.
Here I am doing some gingerbread man size matching - I match the right gingerbread to the right box and glue it on.
And I wrote my "name" in a gingerbread man box. You can see I love Ss, As, and Ps right now...
Here I am with my first circle cutout of an ornament, also from
And I did some ornament word matching (printables from the same site as above). Mommy had to show me how to compare the letters because at first I just wanted to match colors, but I figured it out! It would have been easier with capital letters, of course.
I am figuring out the rules to dominoes! We played a Christmas version from Activity Village.
And from the same site, I practiced matching Christmas animals.
We got bunches of cool printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler, like this "J is for Jesus" do-a-dot page.
And this cutting practice page.
I made a candy cane (with lots of glue) from 1+1+1=1.
And I practiced beading on pipe cleaners while Mommy made a candy cane from beads,
and then I added the final beads to her candy cane!
I practiced my "life skills" by sweeping up the beads into a bin with a little paint brush. I worked very carefully, and hardly any dropped onto the floor!
I worked on some foam picture frames from a kit.
We went for a pine-cone hunting walk... See my beautiful walking shoes!
What we found, instead, were cats. A cat on a fence...
...a cat in the "creek" by the road...
...and a cat that decided to walk with us!
I played with my
camelsdromedaries in my sensory tub, which is still filled with green peas and garbanzos from "G" week. Do you know the difference between dromedary and Bactrian camels? I do!
I made a shark while studying about the ocean at day care. Mommy told me to show my teeth, so both me and my shark showed our teeth!
I played on my felt board with some bird felts Grandma left me!
I made some dinosaur sand art.
And I decided my shapely Santa needed some stockings to keep his feet warm. The little erasers from my matching Christmas eraser game were just the right size.
We read lots and lots of Christmas books! Here are a few...
  • The Family Christmas Tree Book by Tomie De Paola
  • The Christmas Drum by Maureen Brett Hooper
  • The Little Boy's Christmas Gift by John Speirs
  • The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
  • The Chanukkah Guest by Eric Kimmel
  • The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats (and the Scholastic DVD, too)
  • Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
  • The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth
  • My Christmas Gift by Crystal Bowman
  • J is for Jesus by Crystal Bowman
  • Jesus, Me, and My Christmas Tree by Crystal Bowman
  • A Star for Jesus by Crystal Bowman
And we watched some Christmas DVDs. My favorite is Eloise at Christmastime.
And now we got LOTS more to do still! Excuse us, please!


Jen said...

Wow! You have been busy!

Amy said...

Wow look at you go...

ShEiLa said...

My favorites are the gingerbread house and the white chocolate dipped pretzels... yummy.


The Fifth Street Mama said...

Wow! You did so much ! great job on all of your activities. Love that penguin is getting a snack too :)

Susan said...

You always have such great activities! I was wondering, how do you get your images on to the felt to play with a felt board. I made one last week for my little one and would love to make some characters for it.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I want to live in a delicious house like that one! YUM!

Healthy & Happy said...

I love the healthy "gingerbread house" - i don't know why we never thought of peanut butter as glue before.... I'll have to find some kid who wants to make one with me! Also i copied the toilet paper nativity which i will make with Amelie this weekend. I always keep those toilet paper rolls for crafts but haven't found too many this cute! Looks like you are really enjoying the Christmas season!

sheila said...

Wow! Lot's to do!
FUN and YUM! :)
I love your version of a gingerbread house! Very niceeeeeeeee!