Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks: Days 9 & 10

Mommy is thankful for a little extra sleep today - she's gonna start working two full (LOOOONG) days instead of five half days...

Here are some of the things I've been thankful for... First, my new schoolhouse! It's got a loft now and should even have a roof by the end of Wednesday! Let me show you one of the windows - it's just my height!

And of course I've been busy writing in my I Can Trace! book - that's lots of fun!

And here's a leaf wood carving craft that I painted - it's now hanging on our wall!

Now I gotta get to the Veteran's Day stuff, cuz of course we're thankful for our veterans...
Mommy's Note: If you're interested in playing along with 30 Days of Thanks, check out other bloggers who are doing this:
Or register at 30 Days of Gratitude.org for gratitude ideas.


Lisa writes... said...

Thanks for the link! Your schoolhouse looks like it will be a wonderful place for learning and fun!