Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanks: Day 7

Let's see - yesterday was a loong time ago. What did we do?

Oh yes, we called Grandpa! I'm thankful that Grandpa and Grandma are back at their Vancouver Island home safe and sound, at least for a little while, before they head back to Mozambique. And I'll get to see them sometime in the next month or so!

Grandpa was telling me about an apple tree that just vanished while they were gone; apparently the beavers have been busy. We have lots of trees here we'd love to share with them.

And Mommy made pumpkin bread. I'm thankful for pumpkin bread. I'm not thankful for nuts.
So let's recap. Today I'm thankful for:
  • Pumpkin bread (preferably sans nuts)
  • Beavers
  • Grandpas and Grandmas
  • Telephones
  • And lip gloss. Don't forget the lip gloss. Preferably pink. (I'd be thankful for mascara, but Mommy wouldn't let me have any.)
Mommy's Note: If you're interested in playing along with 30 Days of Thanks, check out other bloggers who are doing this:
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Conny said...

no mascara, huh?? mean momma!!! ask her about BLUSH - that's a fun one too, especially if you get a BRUSH to go with it!!

PS I don't like nuts either - in fact, I'm allergic to tree nuts - they make my tongue swell up! ick!!