Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mission Sunday

A few links for you today:
  1. We've been doing 30 Days of Thanks here, but there's another 30-day activity to keep you mission-minded wherever you are: The 30-Day Giving Challenge. Check this out at Keeping the Kingdom First.
  2. Want to give together as a family? Here are some good ideas at Moms Meet.
  3. Speaking of giving, many of us have too Much, which is the subject of a post over at The Road Less Traveled. See what their family is doing with too much...
  4. In the spirit of traditional missionaryhood, here's a fun post at Missionary Moms on the topic of Decorating Dump: creating a home you love while living in another country and culture. Be sure to check out the comments on this post, too.
  5. As a lover of books myself, I just had to throw in a link to this post at 5 Minutes for Books, where the author took on the mission of instilling a love for reading in her African foster child.
  6. And lastly, just another shoutout about the Candle in the Corner Giveaway, which is wrapping up this Tuesday... If you haven't already checked into the fabulous gifts you can win from all over the globe by donating to worthy causes, by all means do so before it's too late!


ShEiLa said...

YOU are so good at providing everyone with plenty of reading material and opportunities to give.

My sweetheart hubby is always giving something to someone... but he prefers doing so anonymously.

Thank you for a fantastic blog that has something for everybody.


Anonymous said...

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