Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashion Friday

Welcome to the latest and greatest in kid fashion! If you've got some great fashion going on in your house, go post your fashion photos of the week, come back and link up, and then grab your sparking grape juice on ice, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Here at our house, we feature 2-year-old fashion, of course. Since we missed last week's show due to burping up, we've got a couple of extra shots for you. We're feeling pretty random today, so no theme (unless you count parentheses as a theme) - let's just get the show on the road and bring on the fashion!

First off, we'll show you what NOT to wear. Overalls are the WORST fashion faux paux you can make - so do whatever it takes to get them off when your mom manages to sneak them on you. (Or cover your head with a paper bag so no one knows it's you).
Now, on to the dos. You know that layering thing we love? Well, mom's nightgowns add a great top layer to just about anything! Here's one of the many I've been wearing lately. (The bandaid on the chin is actually functional this time, not just a fashion statement.)
Fancy dresses are another fashion do - and you can NEVER be overdressed! Demand to wear those pretty princess party dresses ALL the TIME! (The only excuse that works for me is if they are dirty and need to be washed, and even that's pushing it.) (And that bandaid by my eye? Pure fashion statement!)
You know how I like to incorporate paint and markers into my fashion style, right? (I'm a crafty sort, remember?) Here's a fun bindi mark... though Mommy wasn't too impressed. We're studying I for India, right?
So let's move on to Mom-approved fashion (unless you try doing this while washing dishes at the kitchen sink - then she DOESN'T approve). Bubbles make the greatest hair accessories and beards!
And we'll leave you with a final (and seasonal) fashion tip: Red ALWAYS goes with red, no matter what type of prints or what shade of red. Have you ever seen a classier outfit than this one?
OK, folks, here's where you get to share the catwalk! Link up your favorite fashion shot(s) of the week...


Amy said...

What a cute little one. Love the paint....

Lisa said...

You are so right, Esme. Overalls do not do a thing for anyone. Although they are very practical. Bubbles are definitely the height of accessory fashion!