Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review: What Is the Bible?

Hi, it's me, Esmé, reviewing MY VERY OWN book! I am one-two years old (29 months).

What Is the Bible? was written by Kathleen Long Bostrom and illustrated by Elena Kucharik. This book asks lots of questions about what the Bible is. Then those questions are answered. It all rhymes, so is fun to listen to, and the pictures are fun to look at!

Here's what the publisher has to say about it: "Little Blessings question books help young children understand basic truths about the Christian life. Perfect for ages 3-6, What Is the Bible asks and answers questions about the Bible, such as: Who wrote the Bible, who is the Bible about, how do you read the Bible? Parents can use this book as a fun tool to answer questions their little ones may have about God’s Word."

Now here's what I got to say:

There are lots of stories in the Bible. Do you like the stories of Noah and Joseph? Yes!

Who was Noah? Noah made the animals. (Uh oh, we need to work on that one.)

"It's the story of how Jesus died on the cross..."
They are crying! Why are they sad? Let me see! There's a cross. They're crying cuz something died. She's got a flower. Why does she have a flower? (A great opportunity to talk about Jesus' death and death in general.)

"It doesn't matter what color you choose..."
Blue! (Gotta start looking for a blue Bible, I guess.)

"Some are so fancy they're fit for a queen..."
I am NOT a queen! (So no fancy Bible for Miss Esmé.)

Mommy's Notes

I love the Little Blessings books; they answer theological questions that I wouldn't even think of bringing up at this age in a very straightforward way that is great for preschoolers. The book is chock-full of sweet rhymes like this one:
"The love that God has for us
shines through and through.
And that's how we know
that the Bible is true!"

And we have been working on understanding what the Bible is here, since Esmé has been insisting than any pictures of books are "Bibles!" So this subject is right on target.

It was interesting to note that the illustrator, Elena Kucharik, was also an artist for Care Bears. The illustrations are adorable, with lots of children and animals and other objects kids love, and tell whole stories all on their own.

See Tyndale's site to purchase or for more information. Thanks to Tyndale Media Center for the review copy of this book.


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sounds like a good Christmas gift for the nephew!

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