Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Esmé (23 months) keeps surprising us with new words, but she's also not shy at all about making up words if she doesn't know. Sometimes her word is unintelligible, but here are a few creative names:

  • Stove: Turning. As in "turning it on!"
  • Refrigerator: Door Open. It's not just what she wants done, it's what she calls it, too.
  • Overalls: O-pants. She has alphabet flashcards which include one with a picture of overalls and the letter "O." She knows her letter "O!"
She's also learned about multi-tasking and carrying on a conversation while doing something else. Her pappa flexed his muscles in front of her as she was watching a DVD, trying to get her attention. "Nice Daddy!" she said without looking up from her DVD. "Hello!"
Flame, our five-year-old kitty, is one of the ancients on our road. It's a 55mph highway known for chewing up pets, including our previous kitty, so we're convinced he's moderately intelligent for a cat. To keep him a little safer, we keep him inside at nights and let him out only during daylight.
One night I couldn't find him anywhere, so opened the door several times to call him in. Esmé overheard me from her bath and began her own monologue:
"Kitty cat went outside! Dame! (her pronunciation of "Flame") Damey! Come here! Kitty cat not here. Kitty cat went outside. Kitty cat! Bubbles for you! (as she held up a handful of bubbles) Kitty cat, come here! Mommy, kitty cat gone."
We said a little prayer for him, and he was eventually discovered closed up in an off limits room.
Esmé's love affair with ketchup has already been shared on this blog. She was eating tortilla chips one day, and I decided to open up a packet of taco sauce (Taco Bell Mild for those curious souls) for her to dip her chip in.
She tried one bite. "That not ketchup." "That not ketchup." Over and over. I had to get her some ketchup to get a break!
She is full of helpful advice these days. Like "Don't touch poopy!" said very loudly when we stopped at McDonald's to take care of an emergency diaper change.
I got a little Pooh house at a 75% off sale at Salvation Army for a few cents while looking for "school" supplies. That has been Esmé's nonstop toy for the past three days. Lucky Mommy constantly gets called into the game. "Be Tigger!" So I have to bounce Tigger up to the door, knock and call for Pooh, go through the door that Esmé opens, and make up conversations between Pooh and Tigger inside. I'm fresh out of conversation ideas - help!
Sometimes Esmé does help with the conversation. Pooh and Tigger were having honey for lunch. I forgot to ask the blessing. So Esmé filled in: "Pray Jesus. Thank you Pooh."
Peekaboo is still a favorite game... Though now it's not just "boo" that's said. Sometimes she covers her eyes and asks, "Where Esmé?"
We struggle to get Esmé to eat much - she is very picky. And it's also a struggle to get her to sleep. So we know she's conning us at times...

Like when Pappa tells her "I love you" in Afrikaans as he's trying to steal a hug and kiss from her at lunchtime. "Eat food!" she demands.
Or when it's tickle time and she's tired out from giggles. "Esmé sleepy!" She follows this up with a deliberate laying down on her pillow, only to be up again in a few seconds.

Can you tell she picked out her own outfit this day?!


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I love O-pants.
I gave my last ones away...
got too big for em and had a friend that wanted them.

MisS Esmé
did a great job picking out her clothes. for a minute I thought Mommy had picked em out. ;)


CC said...

I want me some snacks from the "door open"! ;)

Jen @ One Moms World said...

I just love that last picture you have of her. She is really growing up fast... and saying those big phrases too.

Simply Stork said...

what a cute post...a snippet in the day of a little one :o)

so cute!


Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

So precious! I love seeing how children construct their world through words . . . it is so creative and fresh. They definitely know how to get their point across! She is such a cutie.

Danielle said...

haha! She is too funny and whaat personality! She is probably too busy to eat or sleep.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the cute stories. I really need to start cataloging the words that Charlotte is using now.

sheila said...

Beautiful outfit! WONDERFUL post! And...Don't touch poopy? Oh, ALWAYS good to know! lol

Prasti said...

sounds like she's get her own little personality ;o).

lol..."don't touch poopy."

dani said...

esme, i have always loved "o"pants, too... i actually have a couple of pairs hanging in my closet (katherine always used to wear them, as well;). i love ketchup; and you are right, when you want ketchup, nothing else will do (not even if it's the same color and made from tomatoes!!!)
j, these are some of my favorite posts!!! i sooooooooooo wish there had been blogger when katherine was born... as i would have done a MUCH better job at keeping up with her day-to-day...
much love,
dani xxx

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH what a precious gal!

LOL - "dont touch poopy"

D is fascinated by "dip" as well and we are always getting him ketchup!