Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well, let's see. There are lots of things I haven't been doing lately. Like not insisting on wearing my monkey mask everywhere, even while I eat!

And I certainly am not acting like a monkey while I wear my monkey mask!
After all, monkeys eat bananas. Wanna know my secret peanut butter banana toast recipe? Well, first you toast a piece of bread. Then you spread peanut butter on it. Then you put sliced bananas on it. Then you top it all with whipped cream.
And you definitely don't eat just the whipped cream and ask for refills of whipped cream. No, a monkey would never do that. They would eat the whole thing. Uh oh, I think I'm getting myself in a quandary with all this "Not Me!" stuff...

A couple of other things - I would never ask for ketchup on my ice cream and then happily eat it that way! That sounds gross, right?
I would NEVER NEVER NEVER draw on the wall with my dry erase marker. I don't like leaving permanent evidence of my mischief lying around.
I wouldn't play in the bath so long that my feet get pruny. Not when I have such cute BIG toes and TINY toes.

And I am definitely not bright enough to figure out how to get the straw into the little hole on my juice pak that I snuck out of my diaper bag while in the car. After all, I'm not even 2 yet. And if I did get the straw in, I would never spill that juice all over myself in the car seat.
Happy Monday, folks!


Jennifer said...

It's too bad you didn't figure out the straw in the juice box thing. Charlotte really wants to know how to do that!

texasholly said...

Super cute monkey!

Andrea said...

Yep, you're the cutest monkey I've seen for a long time...and mmm...that peanutbutter toast recipe sounds yummmmy!

grammy said...

Who knew there could be so many things you would never do. we should list the adult things we would never do (o: I got mail!!! A super fun CD and poster. Look at my blog for a picture of Oldest Granddaughter holding poster.

CristyLynn said...

These are just too funny! You must have so much fun, Esme!

Lizzie said...

ohh just too cute :)

dani said...

you are a monkey, esme... the cutest little monkey i've ever seen!!!
aunt dani xxx

Pamela said...

ha.. no never!
Absolutely no mischief in those eyes.