Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birds and Other Things

We are staying at Eagle Crest in Redmond, Oregon for the week. We got our own hot tub here - though I haven't gotten to play in it yet. We've had a busy weekend with Uncle Jaques and Erika, Keith and Carmalyn, Audra, and David all visiting. But now only Audra and David are still here with us, so it's a little quieter.

They have a big eagle statue here that I really like! I say "bird" whenever I see it.

And it is really pretty with frost and icicles on all the trees. I want to post photos, but we are still struggling to get through the 2 zillion and one photos from our Scotland trip. I wish Mommy would hurry up and get with things... It seems we just get further and further behind!

Speaking of photos, here are a few more from South Africa in December... I'll post a bunch of them so we can get caught up faster.
Here I am playin' with my cousin Emy...

Chilllin' out in the pool with Ouma's Tiki in the background!
Workin' hard in Ouma's yard... Gotta pay for my keep, ya know.
Being quiet in church with Emy.
Learnin' to drive the tractor. Actually, I really didn't like these cars and trucks and horses that bucked around. They were fine until Mommy put money into them, and then they just SCARED me!
And here I am playing with Joshua. His mommy was my mommy's roommate in college. He runs circles around me - Mommy never thought it possible - so it was really hard to get a photo of both of us! We were playing ring around the rosies, except after a little while I stayed fallen down and he was running rings around me!
I got lots more South Africa beach photos, but I'll save them for the next post...


Pam said...

I'm so glad things are going well right now! Those pics are precious! I need you to give me lessons on how to keep kids quiet in church!

dani said...

esme, it sounds like everyone is feeling better. i love your pictures and see a cupie doll in one of them. my katherine has one of those:D
i cannot wait to see your pictures of scotland!!! until then enjoy your holiday...
much love,

Octamom said...

Cousin Emy is just adorable! You've got a cute family, Little One!


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That first picture is just priceless!