Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flashes of Farewell

We are having a breezy balmy day here in the Cape... I went to church this morning and made friends in my class. After class I got into the manger with the baby doll that is pretend baby Jesus.

Then Mommy & Daddy had this funny idea that I would sit still through church. Not me! So they got lots of exercise running after me. Though during the children's story I got to walk up front all by myself. Daddy finally came after me when I disappeared for a little bit, but I was just inspecting the textures of the wall up front.

Mommy's been collecting tidbits of memories from our last few days in Mozambique. Here are some of those memories...

  1. Pondering star-studded skies through coconut palm fronds.
  2. Watching our own personal fireworks display as a big transformer blew and burned.
  3. Getting ready for bed by flashlight.
  4. Cold baths/showers.
  5. Fresh fried doughnuts outside Shoprite.
  6. MCel vendors in yellow vests jumping in front of our car as we drive.
  7. Mango juice dripping all over my clothes.
  8. Living out of suitcases.
  9. Bartering for unnecessary batiks from street vendors while eating pizza at Mimmo's.
  10. Watching Groban leaving the yard to go back to his owner - with his head high and tail wagging.
  11. A last swim in the pool.
  12. Ignoring the chaos while listening to my MP3 player.
  13. Hiding behind packing boxes and walking through mazes everywhere.
  14. Trying to find stuff that had been accidentally packed away in boxes.
  15. Playing with Grandma & Auntie Susan and my cousins while Mommy and Daddy are busy.
  16. Playing Barbies with my cousins while ignoring the chaos all around.
  17. Saying goodbye and haggling over pay with Ms. Cathrine and Ms. Precious for the last time.
  18. Police trying to wave us over after running a yellow light on the way to the airport - Daddy just shook his head at him and kept driving.
  19. Sleeping in the car at the airport loading zone while Daddy got our baggage checked in, and then almost getting ticketed for being too long in the loading zone.
  20. Paying $250 for excess baggage since South African Airways didn't want to honor our British Airways ticket baggage limits.
  21. Learning to fasten my seatbelt on the plane - over and over and over.
  22. Learning to butter my bread on the plane.
  23. Practicing my new jumping skills on the plane. (That wasn't turbulence, folks...)
  24. Eating chips with my new (boy) friend on the plane.
  25. Watching South African TV.
  26. Internet/Barney withdrawal symptoms.
  27. Making the transition from buying grapes for outrageous prices to buying mangos for outrageous prices. We are gorging on grapes right now in the Cape.


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Not really thrilled about moving or travel. So I guess Esme has it with the MP3 player and Barbies.

Danielle said...

That pic with the mp3 is very cute! She is so precious.

Prasti said...

sounds like some wonderful memories...lots of adventures for a little one year old :)

Octamom said...

You've collected some very precious things as your mommy has prepared you for this transition to new adventures.

You're such a precious, precious baby.


sarah said...

I am sorry I haven't had time to keep up with what is going on! Where are your new adventures going to be?

Have a wonderful Christmas! Take time to rest in Christ's love today so you don't get overstressed with the business of the season. Enjoy and be blessed.

dani said...

these are great memories of mozambique, esme:) i'm with you on the barbies and music... any way to escape the madness of moving!!!
i hope you are enjoying your grapes, sweet girl, yum:b
much love,

Rachel said...

Too cute!
I am trying to imagine a flight that long with a toddler (shuddering). Your Mommy is very, very brave, Esme!

cassieb said...

she will cherish reading this someday! It is amazing all that she is experiencing at such a young age! you really are giving her life long experiences!

cassieb said...

she will cherish reading this someday! It is amazing all that she is experiencing at such a young age! you really are giving her life long experiences!

Anonymous said...

Those pics are great! Sounds like you and your mommy and daddy have some great memories to keep!!!

kailani said...

Wow, looks like you have a lot of packing to do. It must be kind of sad to leave.