Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blue Boat

We are in South Africa (probably until just after Christmas)! Near Cape Town, staying with my Ouma. And my cousin Emily, who is just one month older than me, came to visit and go swimming with me today! She has a baby brother, just born in November. I like to watch him sleep and to tickle his toes to see if I can wake him up. I'm not so keen on sharing things with my cousins yet, but we're working on that.

We've got lots to say about visiting the zoo yesterday and then the plane ride from Mozambique, and playing with my cousin, but this internet is outrageously slow, so we can't upload photos yet. But since we've been so behind in blogging lately, we've got plenty of blog fodder to keep you entertained for a little while... Plus lots of guest posters - thank you all very much!
So for today, here is something Mommy wrote earlier about my favorite blue boat, pictured here riding on my ocean felt piece.

She had her little plastic blue boat in hand as we walked out the front door. The big blue pool caught her eye, and with determination she beelined for it, ready to sail her bitty boat in its expanse.

Close behind, I was prepared to grab her as she lowered the boat into the water. She stepped down onto the first step and squatted, getting her diaper wetter than it already was.

Not wanting to necessitate any valiant rescues, I picked her up and set her on the pool side, trying to redirect her to the mangos, the bunnies, the roses, the cabbage in the garden.

The draw of the blue expanse was just too much. So I gave up and carried her, much to her dismay, back indoors where she could explore in relative safety.

She remained determined to put that boat in water! So I pulled out a big plastic tub, filled it with water, and set it on the kitchen floor.

After several minutes of happy play, she chanced onto another safety hazard. Dipping the boat into the water, she filled it and dumped its contents on the floor. Now the floor was slippery! She danced, relishing the extra movement provided by the skid factor.

As I admonished her to stay still and stepped around the corner for a mop, she careened out of control and landed on her head with a minor thud. Sobs filled the room.

A few hugs and kisses later, all was better, and the blue boat was banished to the bathtub with no fuss.

Why are we so attracted to blue boats? And deep pools? And dancing out of control?

Why do we see God’s gentle guidances and reprimands as being so harsh?

And why are we so upset with God when we land on our head with a thud?


Debra said...

Oh Esme,

I wish I had some answers for these most difficult questions my dear one. Relish in the kisses and be glad for gentle thuds instead of cracking open heads. ouch!

Give hugs to Mommy! And much love to your Jesus for such a wonderful Mommy.

Kori said...

I know I still don't like to be told "no," even when I know well it is for my own good!

SarahHub said...

So true...

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...



dani said...

we are curious, stubborn souls by nature; aren't we, esme:) i hope things get better for you in the sharing department. that's a hard one, too, sometimes!!!
much love,

Danielle said...

awe! E would have doen the same thing!! Her new favorite sign is boat. I need to get one for the tub- blue seems a favorite!

Anonymous said...

Funny how we can see it with our kids, but have a hard time with ourselves. Maybe one day, I'll REALLY get it.

Anonymous said...

Even as adults, Esme, we don't like to be told what to do. But do listen to your mommy...she only wants to keep you from hurting yourself.... ;)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm so behind on blogs, but I stopped by to wish you well!

Marsha said...

Hey sweet bebe... haven't come visiting in a while so I thought I would check out your blog and see what you're up to these days. Blue boats and water! Just have fun little one but listen to mommy and be careful!

Oh, I also vote no on the driving too... sorry!