Monday, July 21, 2008

Sick Days

Life is rushing by way too fast! Esmé has been sick with her second cold – I read that most babies have 10-12 colds per year, so I guess I should consider ourselves blessed . . . But it does mean sleep-deprived mommy and baby, unfortunately. I think I got about 3 hours last night, and none on Friday night.

And today we had a minor crisis when one of our bunnies bit Esmé's finger when she was "feeding" it. She was much happier after she had a band-aid on.

On Friday I started writing a post about being pulled over by the Mozambican police for the first time. I was a little jubilant that they didn’t ask me to pay any money for sodas or anything! I just played the dumb American who understands only English, which doesn’t take much acting on my part. They did think I was a Canadian, though, so that Canadian heritage came shining through.

Yesterday one of our expat workers was pulled over and over the course of a long afternoon, threatened with jail and was physically being moved there - for driving without an international driver’s license. I don’t have one of those either. So I’m feeling a little less jubilant now. All ended okay – he was released before they got all the way to a jail cell, and his documents were returned to him this morning.

Scribbit’s July writing contest results are out. If you’re interested in doing some blog hopping and going straight to the best of the blogs, check out the entries! I’m hoping to do so sometime when I have a moment to relax.

Here’s a photo of Esmé (butterfly balloon on head) with one of the Australian short-term volunteers who came over on Saturday night for table tennis & games.
Gotta get back to real life – hope to catch up with you all soon!


Summer said...

Whew! I'm glad you didn't get threatened with jail!

Lis Garrett said...

Oh geez! I would have been shaking in my boots for sure!

Pam said...

sorry your little one is sick- hope she is all better soon!

Pam said...

sorry your little one is sick- hope she is all better soon!

melissa s. said...

poor girl! i hope she feels better and you get some rest. glad you're not in jail :-)

Andrea said...

Glad you had an "uneventful" visit with the cops! And hopefully Esme is feeling better soon!!