Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Safety First

As I mentioned, we are back home. It’s nice to play with all my stuff again, and I remember everybody! I tripped up over all the mini-steps in our house at first (just in the bedroom, there is a step down from the hall, a step up into the closet walkway, and a step down into the bathroom), but now I’ve got those all remembered, too.

There is so much to tell, but I’ll try to go in chronological order. The last I wrote was about us staying at Eagle Crest in Redmond, Oregon, the week before Memorial Day, so I’ll start with that.

It was nice and relaxing there – it was basically child-proof so Mommy didn’t have to follow me around all the time making sure I stayed out of trouble. They even gave us a stair gate.

Here’s the view out of front of the condo.
Now out of the back. We were right on the edge of a canyon, so I didn’t get to go play outside by myself.
This is the living room of the condo:
Here are the geese we walked by just about every day.
And here are some deer we saw on a walk.
This is one of those “Can you find the hidden bunny in the photo?” photos.
Here we are at Taco Bell. Mommy says we didn’t accomplish our goal of getting so sick of Taco Bell we wouldn’t miss it for a year, but we sure tried. I’m working on a straw – I got those things so figured out on this trip.
Here’s Mommy in a warped-face photo.
Here are Mommy and I drinking together.
This is Daddy’s idea of an artistic photo. He also took a bunch of photos of the underside of the table, but we won’t show those.
This is my favorite part of Taco Bell: paper napkins for dessert. A meal just isn’t complete without a little paper in it.
Our friends Uncle K. and Auntie C. came to visit on Thursday for a couple of days, and here we are on a walk with them.
We went by a tiger show, but these tigers don’t look like any I know.
I was boardin’ down a hill on the walk, and some guy, instead of clapping for me as I expected, had the audacity to say I should have a helmet on. They don’t make them my size! Daddy’s been checkin’ out every sports store in the state with no success! I don’t get it. Is there no market for boardin’ helmets for 1-year-olds in this civilized country???

Mommy finally got me a bike helmet for 3+ years from WalMart just before we left the US, so now Daddy will let me do a few more tricks on my own.

Anyway, here I am boardin’ with protective gear, sans helmet.
We finally left Eagle Crest and drove back to the rain, er, Roseburg, on Saturday. Here I am at Stewart Park in Roseburg.
Auntie Audra’s wedding was on Sunday – I’ll write about that in my next post.


Summer said...

That skateboard pic is so cute! And I enjoyed seeing a close up of you. You're very pretty. :)

just jamie said...

Could that girl get any cuter? NO.

Welcome back.

Mary Beth said...

All good stuff! Looks like a fun trip.

diana said...

looks like a beautiful place to spend some time in. and what a cute little boarder you are. you're going to be able to go professional before you're 5!

Laski said...

So glad you are home safe and sound. Seriously, could she be any more beautiful.

And mama. . . looks like one of my closest friends. Quite a doll!

Love the skateboarding pics! Priceless!