Friday, June 20, 2008

Shy? Not When Bowling!

Esmé’s Mommy here:
Esmé said her first word in sign language today.

I’ve always wanted to teach sign language to my baby. There are so many pros – it apparently helps a baby learn to talk sooner, and it aids the parent in understanding the child. And when the news came out in March that Emily, a 17-month-old reader, had watched sign language programs, I renewed my resolve to teach sign language to Esmé. No great expectations, of course . . .

That’s a problem since I don’t know sign language. I took a class a while back, but have forgotten most of it due to lack of use. And it gets tiresome to look up the words in the ASL dictionary all the time. So all I’ve done are the basics like ‘thank you,’ ‘more,’ and a couple of animal signs.

And we've signed a book of baby emotions: happy, sad, angry, etc.

So today, Esmé signed ‘shy’ while we were looking at the shy page of the book. She said it using my face instead of hers, but that still counts, I believe.

Just for the record.

Esmé here again:

There goes Mommy, hijacking my blog again. I’m never gonna get through the detailed account of my trip to the US at this rate.

As for the signing, I don’t get the big deal. I can do the hand motions for all sorts of songs: “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” “Head and Shoulders,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and my favorite: “Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me, Me, Me.” In fact, that’s the only way Mommy can figure out the words I’m singing – by the signs. Otherwise it all sounds the same to her.

Anyway, back to my US trip – my last blog was of Audra’s wedding the Sunday before Memorial Day. We spent the rest of that week in Roseburg. Here is the week in photos:

Mommy took Flamey to the vet on Tuesday. She got lots of claw marks to prove it. He is ridiculously healthy and weighs a pound more than last year at 14 1/2 lbs. I think I gained a few more pounds than he did – back then I was littler than him and now I’m twice his size.
Lest you think we only ate at Taco Bell on our trip, I must say we went to Chi’s Garden Restaurant for Chinese that day. Rice is good any day of the week, and a little broccoli works, too. They didn’t have any eggplant for their famous crispy fried garlic eggplant dish, so we were all highly disappointed. Here I am trying out the chairs.
I had to entertain myself at Auntie Delia’s (the house we own) a little while Mommy & Daddy tried to get some work done. On Wednesday I tried on Daddy’s shoes. Bet I can jump real high and make great shots in these!

Here’s Daddy & Mr. Jeron chopping down a dead tree in the yard.
On Thursday we went bowling. Here I am with Auntie Erika.
And here I am picking up my six-pound bowling ball. Folks were a little surprised to see me with it . . . But it sure did impress the little boys at the bowling alley. Or maybe my hugs and kisses did the impressing.
We were supposed to drive up to Portland Friday morning to see Auntie Judy and some friends and get my pictures taken, but we had a little problem. See, that pressure washing Daddy & Mr. Jeron did on the roof resulted in a little leakage in the house, like on the dryer electrical unit. And there was a little explosion on Friday morning. So we didn’t leave until late Friday afternoon.

And then we got to my cousins’ house in Portland Friday night. But that’s a whole nother post. Cuz I have seven cousins there, you see.


Pam said...

I love kids wearing mommy and daddy's shoes!

Yeah on the signing!

melissa s. said...

way to go on the signing, esme! (I'm signing you a thumbs up!!!)

Andrea said...

Baby signing rocks!! We taught it to our son - about 20 the more basic signs, and it has been soooo helpful!!

pussreboots said...

Hey Esmé, have you watched "Sign Time" on PBS? It's a great way to learn signing. Good luck.

Amy Niebuhr said...

Good job on teaching to sign. I know it really does help with kids and their speach/learning skills. Good luck!

Danielle said...

Yay! That is so exciting that she signed. I have been trying to teach Eliza but nothing yet. The pictures are adorable!

casual friday everyday said...

AWWW she is adorable!