Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not Guilty!

Does anyone have a survival guide on what to do when your Mommy is sick? She's been lying around in bed for two days, and quite frankly, I've been getting bored!

At least I am working on changing my diapers by myself. I can get my diaper off, and is it really necessary to put another one on? I like running around without one.

And I can feed myself, too. Just give me access to the pantry, the fridge, and a big wooden spoon.

Anyway, Mommy is feeling better now, and the silver lining is that all her baby pounds are gone. So that means, no matter what her weight issues are, she can't blame me anymore! I am NOT GUILTY!

She does want to know why her pre-pregnancy size 4 jeans still don't fit. Maybe cuz there is no TurboKick class here in Maputo? Whatever it is, it is NOT MY FAULT!