Thursday, April 17, 2008


Esmé's Mommy here:

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a very artsy person. However, I don't want Esmé to be the only kid on the block without a masterpiece on the wall by the time she is 18 months, so we've been improvising.

Usually art class consists of giving Esmé a piece of paper to scribble on, and then Mommy takes it and makes the craft out of it while Esmé eats crayons. This week's theme was elephants, as you can see.

Today Esmé decided to color on the wall while I was working on the toilet paper roll elephant. (Yes, I do give her blank paper, but she usually prefers tile art.) Here is what she came up with. Very nice purple and brown, with smudge aftereffects, don't you think?

And then while working with play dough, I remembered the imprint ideas I'd seen on other blogs and had the bright idea to imprint baby doll's feet. Esmé was all over that one. We had a couple of trial and errors, but here are our final imprint sets, Esmé's on the left (in case you were wondering).
Now, if someone could tell me how to get MySpace back in English, I'd appreciate it. It's all in Portuguese now, and I'm just not there yet on my language lessons!