Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend News

Friday night Mr. Jeron came over and made sweet rolls for us, while I whipped up a batch of puffed wheat. The sweet rolls were very yummy (and I didn't even mind the apples and raisins in them).

I had a Noah's Ark Sabbath School yesterday. We colored ark pictures, read ark stories, made ark puzzles, played with ark felts, built an ark from blocks, and sang lots of ark songs.

I talked to Ouma on the phone today. Actually I mostly listened to her talk. It is so cool to hear sound coming out of that thing.

I am learning to work the stereo. Daddy said he didn't like the song that was playing, so I walked over, opened the tape deck, and pulled the cassette out. I can't understand why he was upset with me – I was just trying to help out.

I get to start school tomorrow – like a homeschool preschool. Mommy has a curly-Q-lum and bulletin board and school schedule all worked out. I think it will be fun – though I don't like that Nap Time is on the schedule twice. We practiced the schedule a little last week, and I am learning to spend time in my crib without fussing even when I don't want to sleep. Mommy sits with me and takes me out after a half hour or so.

Mommy here: Don't worry, we aren't trying for a baby Einstein or anything. I am just trying to figure out a way to keep my sanity, keep up with Esmé, and productively channel all Esme's flitting (or toddling) from one activity to the next. We shall see how this first week goes and adjust plans accordingly for next week. If you have any recommended blogs, newsletters, websites, or activities geared for toddler ages, I'd love to hear about them.

Mommy has been trying to get video footage of me walking, but we haven't gotten the perfect shot yet. Lest you think we are making it up, however, we've posted one video from last week with a little walking in it.

When I started walking, I mainly just walked to people so they would clap for me. Then I started walking between things if it seemed easier than crawling. Now I am walking just for the sake of walking – I wander around "aimlessly" at times. I still do crawl sometimes and hang onto the wall or furniture if it's convenient.

Well, gotta get to sleep so I'll be ready for school tomorrow. I have lots to learn!