Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Walkin' Down the Avenida

Mommy and I go walking nearly every afternoon – actually, she walks and I stroll. Since we are moving across this weekend, I figured I better write about it before I forget.

First we usually do a little shopping. We go to the bakery and then visit some street vendors. For less than US $4, we get 10 wheat rolls, 2 kg of bananas, and 2 kg of nartjies. Sometimes we get tomatoes instead of nartjies. Sometimes we barter on the price, but other times we give the vendors more than they ask for as our act of kindness for the day. It's fun to see their reaction then.

Then we walk down Avenida Kenneth Kaunda, which has a BIG sidewalk so we don't have to dodge the crazy traffic. There are coconut palms down the median, as well as all kinds of flowering trees, hibiscus, bougainvillea, and other pretty things to look at. Heading downhill, we can see the ocean and watch the ships go by as we walk, and if it's a hot day, the breeze feels really good.

Coming back home, we go through side streets and walk through two parks where lots of other bebes play while their empragadas watch. We also see lots of security guards in front of homes, playing checkers with each other or carrying AK47s. The dog walkers are funny – dressed in uniforms and surrounded by beautiful fluffy dogs. There are also lots people rushing to catch the chapa home from work. I like watching the people – lots of them say "boa tarde" and "bonita bebe" – I think that means they like me.

Oh, did I tell you my Grandma Maritz is coming tomorrow? I can't wait!