Saturday, October 13, 2007


I watched my first rugby game tonight. We went to a sports bar on the beach with a really big screen - the players were really big - even bigger than Daddy. It was the World Cup semifinals between England and France.

I didn't quite get all the rules, but it looks pretty easy. You throw the ball and catch the ball and roll around on the ground with the ball. I can catch balls good - I practice with Daddy - and I like to roll, so I think I'll be really good at rugby once I learn to run.

Anyway, I got to cheer with everybody, and I like doing that! I've even learned to clap now.

I got a little bored during the second half so left with Mommy for a little while, but there were only three points scored while I was gone, so I didn't miss much. England won 14-9. Daddy says France is a better team but they kicked the ball away too much. I can't kick yet so I wouldn't have made that mistake.

Now South Africa will beat Argentina tomorrow in the other semifinal game, and then it's South Africa versus England in the finals. And we already know how that will go - South Africa beat England in the first round 36-0! GO BOKS! [Clap clap clap]