Friday, October 12, 2007


I like mornings. First I get to sleep in as long as I want, sometimes as late as almost noon. When I wake up, I talk to the animals on my crib mobile or watch Rutendo if she's cleaning in my room. When I start talking really loudly, then Mommy comes in.

She sings "Good Morning, Beautiful" while I smile really big for her, and then we open the curtains and sing "Let the Sun Shine In." We look outside the window and talk about the date and the weather like we're weather forecasters. Today Mr. Antonio, our gardener, was climbing up our BIG tall coconut trees to pick some coconuts. And there was a little boy and girl playing ball in the yard across the street. We check out how big the mangos are getting, too.

Then I have to take my medicine. The malaria medicine always makes me grimace, but I don't mind the allergy medicine at all.

Every other day I have to take a bath. It's kind of fun - I play with my rubber duckies, but sometimes I swallow bath water while trying to eat the duckies, and then I choke and I don't like that too much. It's very slippery in the bathtub.

I get to brush my own teeth in the morning - Mommy brushes them at nighttime. Next, she brushes my hair, which feels really good.

I get dressed in some of my pretty clothes - I have LOTS of pretty clothes. Actually, Mommy tries to dress me while I roll all around the bed and complain that she is trying to make me stay still. I like to roll.

Then I eat breakfast while Mommy reads my Bible devotion to me. When I'm done with that, I check myself out in the mirror while Mommy sings "Who Am I?" and "Hello, Esme, How Do You Do?" When I know I look good, then I start checking out the faucet under the mirror and trying to turn the water on.

After that, I get to do lots of different things. I'll tell you about that another time.