Friday, January 25, 2008

Space School

I don't got to be Cinderella anymore. Ms. Catherine started working here yesterday and is cleaning the house for us now. Hopefully she will come back on Monday. She likes to play with me and makes me laugh.

So I got to do space school instead. Mommy and I made a rocket. We posted a picture of it – check it out.

I did the important parts like chewing the ribbon for the tail to make it curl and licking all the toilet paper off the toilet paper roll.

Then we drew a picture of Mars, the red planet. I colored myself red, too, so I would blend in when we got there. Did you know Mars has days of 24 hours like Earth?

After that we played that I disappeared in a black hole (aka peekaboo).

I wore a diaper just like the astronauts do.

I banged my head at least twice so I got to see stars. Then we put my plastic ice cube on my head so I could feel how cold Mars is. (Thank goodness we weren't trying out Mercury's temperatures.

We played ring-around-the-moon with my ring set and a ping pong ball. Then Daddy tried to help me moonwalk on the ping pong table, but I like mooncrawling much better.

Then Mommy and I put together a mnemonic so I could remember the eight planets in order. We used my picture dictionary to find words. Here's what we came up with: "Mouse visits elephant man. Jack-in-the-box sings under nest." I wanted to use "noon" instead of "nest," but Mommy said that didn't make sense. I don't think "nest" makes sense, either.