Monday, November 5, 2007

In Memory of Marilyn Greene

This is Mommy writing now.

Marilyn Greene, my father's cousin, passed away yesterday after a struggle with cancer. She left behind her husband, Tyrone, and two children, Andre (15), and Krystal (almost 12).

My memories of Marilyn stem primarily from my eighth grade year (1985-86). My oldest sister, Susan, had gotten married that summer, so was no longer at home. My closest sister, Ann, had just graduated from academy and left for Walla Walla, so was no longer coming home each month on home leave. In a way, Marilyn stepped in and became my surrogate older sibling that year.

My mother had started working at the van center (providing evangelism ministries – blood pressure screening, sandwich lunches, and prayer on the streets of NYC). I "helped" her with her bookkeeping job there in the afternoons. Marilyn also worked there. She was the "cool" relative who went to Manhattan on Saturday nights and even took me along on occasion. She was in our home regularly for Sabbath lunches and started bringing Tyrone along during the course of that year. As a pre-teen, it was fun watching that romance develop. When my parents gallivanted off to Bermuda (for work . . .), I stayed with Marilyn. And when I graduated from eighth grade, Marilyn was there – with a pink mouse.

After I left for academy in Pennsylvania, things changed. I was in school when she got married, so missed the wedding. The last time I saw Marilyn was on Vancouver Island as her parents were packing up to move to Florida, and Andre was a baby. When I heard she had cancer, it was hard to envision in the active person I remembered.

Yet even though I haven't seen her in years, I miss her today as I go back through my memories. May God be with her family now, and may we meet again. Maranatha – our Lord cometh!


Anonymous said...

With sadness, I am just learning about this for the first time today. I also have many good memories of Marilyn and have wondered about her many times over the years. I hope her family is coping...the first few years are the most difficult--I remember well since I was 12 when my mother died.