Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Project: Bats

Esmé has been completing a weekend project for school each week based on a science topic.  She reads a book, writes a one-sentence report, and does a related activity or craft of her choice.  On Monday, she gets to give a presentation to her Kindergarten class.

This weekend, the project was bats.


Free printable Bats handwriting paper for her sentence, “Did you know that most flying foxes do not use echolocation?”

She made a Bat Paper Bag Puppet.  This could be fun for giving her presentation...

Bat Paper Bag Puppet

She also did a Bat watercolor painting.  She loves painting landscapes, but struggled a bit with the bats.  Finally, I cut a few paper shapes out, and she chose what she wanted, tacking it onto the painting.  Pretty cool effect in the end!

Bat Painting

We also read up on a few bat jokes she could use in her presentation if she wanted…