Saturday, April 14, 2012

K is for Kid

Dear Miss Esmé,
You are a kid.
Me (bleary-eyed, ready for the week to end, and grasping for inspiration):  What’s a word starting with “K” that describes you?
Esmé (without missing a beat):  Kid!
Me (thinking I’ll let her play on my Scrabble team):  OK, I’ll go with that.  So, what makes you a kid?
Esmé:  I’ve got parents.
Me (thinking I’ll get a biological answer of some sort):  And why do you need parents in order to be a kid?
Esmé:  So I can obey God!
I guess it would be kind of hard to follow God’s instructions to “obey your parents in the Lord” if you didn’t have any parents.  We trained you well, I think.
Okay then, beautiful kid:  honor your mamma and dad – that you may live a really long life…
And stop waking me up at 6 a.m. on weekend mornings – so I can be around for a while longer myself?
I love you, my amazing, beautiful, clever, dilly-dallying, energized, following, grace-filled, hidden, indomitable, Jericho-miracle, kidlet baby girl!
Your Mom
Each birthday, I write a letter to my baby girl.  This year, the year of the amazing 5-year-mark, I’ll be working from A to Z.