Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: The Ultimate Ladybug Book

imageBack in February, we started a ladybug themed study that seems to be stretching on and on – to the point that Esmé wants a ladybug cake for her birthday next week.  And it was all inspired by The Ultimate Ladybug Book pack by from 4 Little Penguins Publishing.

This 98-page pack includes lots of facts about ladybugs, quizzes/review pages and fun worksheets, craft ideas, science ideas, and recommended books and websites. There are also 28 pages of ladybug-themed notebooking pages.

What We Liked:  The subject matter itself was the biggest draw.  All the photos and facts were quite interesting.  We’ve always thought ladybugs were cute, but Esmé was sold as soon as she learned that there really are PINK ladybugs…

This study would be of best value for a home with multiple grade levels.  Most of the worksheets and quizzes are appropriate for an older grade level – maybe 2-5 – while the crafts, science, book suggestions, and website suggestions were easily adaptable for a preK-1 level.  And the notebooking pages had a variety of line styles for differing levels of writers .P1020803 (2)

While they were above my daughter’s level, I appreciated the fun worksheets included:  a License Plates one, Hangman, and more.

What We Didn’t Like:  While there was nothing specific I didn’t like, I checked around for supplementary material and was amazed at the amount of free resources available on this topic.

Rating:  Overall, this gets a 4 out of 5 – one point down because so much free material is available elsewhere on this topic.

Thanks to Heart of the Matter for coordinating the review file of this product. 

You can currently acquire a PDF version of this pack through CurrClick for $12.50.