Monday, September 27, 2010

M4 – September 1

Magnetic Force

I was planning to focus on magnets around Valentine’s Day, being romantic and all, but in the “back to school” rush, I just grabbed a topic that I figured would be a hit, and magnetism it was!

It started with this Polly Pocket set of Esmé’s:  It has a lever that you move around, causing the magnetized pony to roll around and around on the floor.  Hmm…  what makes that happen?!

So we got out the “big and powerful magnet” and showed how we could make a paper clip dance on Esmé’s chair by moving the magnet around underneath!  And yes, dancing paper clips are a big hit in this house…

Magnetic Properties

Speaking of magnets, I collected a random assortment of small stuff and dumped it on the table.  Esmé then used her “big and powerful magnet” to see what items were attracted to the magnet.  We tried doing predictions first, but then it just became a free-for-all as the items congregated towards the magnet.

I am just loving that smile!  Who knew magnets were such fun?


We focused on giraffes.  You can see more in our Giraffe Copywork review

And Me

We were studying all things pink for our book theme, so we did a pink taste test…  Pinky Pie, meet grapefruit juice, and raspberry lemonade, and fruit punch…

Esmé was quick to allocate the drinks out to everybody.  SHE got the fruit punch, Mom got the lemonade, and Daddy got the grapefruit juice.  Hmmm…

She also drew and cut out a tongue to glue on our Esmé-sized body cutout.  Methinks we’ve been reading about frogs too much lately.
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ShEiLa said...

Looks like we are busy learning... eh Miss Esme?


Ticia said...

Ha, we have the same kid chairs.

I love her look of intense concentration there as she is moving the magnets.

Rebecca said...

Very cute!
Stopping by from the HSV...I'm on the new panel and am looking forward to reading your posts