Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Fragments...

Esmé's Mommy playing along with

again and give you 7 fragments of STUFF...

1. We're *supposed* to be watching Curious George and eating popcorn at Family Fun Night right now. But little Miss Esmé decided to throw a crashing scene, so we came home instead. Though I guess it could be expected, with a morning full of VBS, followed by vegetable (and flower) picking, a pancake face at IHOP, and 45+ minutes of swimming at the Y with only a 10 minute car nap involved... Sometimes living 1/2 hour from town is a hassle!

2. There are helicopters flying overhead, filling up big water buckets in our river, and fire fighting teams driving past our house from their base camp in Glide every so often... The Williams Creek wildfire is now 10% contained. The wind has been blowing north, so we're not dealing with smoke and ash at the moment. Our road (Hwy 138) remains closed 8 miles east of us, but so far there doesn't seem to be any urgent danger to anything other than power lines, which have already been damaged. The temperature is lower (85 degrees F) today, but thunderstorms may hamper firefighting efforts. Just in case you were wondering.

3. I tried Firefox a few years ago and had problems with the banking program I used, so I've stayed an IE user ever since. I was FINALLY convinced to try Firefox again a couple of weeks ago, and I'm okay with it; using it most of the time. Not sure what the rave is about, but that's just me. I DO have some issues, though. Those photos that I so carefully line up on my really long alphabet posts to go with the text? They show up perfectly in IE, but in Firefox they float all over the place! I feel so sorry for you Firefox users - all this time I never knew! So WHY do photos float in Firefox? Anyone know? And why can't I just drag and drop photos in Blogger? IE lets me do that!

4. Veggie Tales is giving away DVDs for shipping only ($2.99 in the US) if you sign up for their newsletter. We did this a while back, and I picked the Where's God When I'm S-Scared? one. I figured Esmé would love it, since Daniel is her favorite Bible story at the moment.

Well, she does like it, but it comes with a price. Now she is "scared" of everything. Not just the monsters and lions and the bad men, but scared of Daniel and the angel, too.

Fortunately, she seems to enjoy the scary feeling and telling me all about it!

5. The review and free books have been rolling in. Kind of like a delayed-reaction faucet, where the water just barely starts to run at a trickle when you open up the faucet, so you keep opening it further, and suddenly you are deluged!

I mentioned last week that 12 books was an anomaly, but I got 12 books again this week, too!

Now, I am not complaining in the least. I am really excited about reading these all! But I'm just letting you know that you may be seeing a lot of reviews in the next couple of weeks as I adjust the faucet volume and temperature... This is NOT primarily a book review blog - my goal is 1-2 book reviews per week. I may do additional reviews on other sites as time allows.

Someone had a question about whether ARCs and review books are yours to keep. Yes, they are. Most ARCs are marked "not for resale," but you can gift them or swap them if you choose.

6. Our cat had his yearly exam recently, and I'm pleased to report Flamey is in good health! He needs to brush his teeth more regularly, and he got marked down on his report card for shedding, so I guess we've got some hygiene issues to work out. And the fat kitty has gained another pound...

7. Salsa in China is taking a break from hosting Fashion Friday, I learned! Kind of sad - I was looking forward to seeing all the other toddler fashions out there.

So if your kids are showing some great style this next week, snap some photos! Post them on Friday, and I'll put up a Mr. Linky for Fashion Friday right here...


Mrs4444 said...

We can't take our cat to the vet-He goes psycho (they had to gas him last time, and they always wear leather from head to toe). Despite that, he's lived a ripe old 13 years so far :)

I remember the Veggie Tale days-I loved those guys and could probably still sing a couple of their tunes (Oh Where, Is My Hairbrush?!)

I had to switch back to IE today, and I'm not a fan, but I'll survive. Is it me, or is the font on my posts GINORMOUS? I don't know what happened recently, but it seems to big--I'd welcome your opinion :)

I'll say a prayer about the fire; hope it helps!

ShEiLa said...

RE: #2
You won't believe how many Smokey the Bear with fire risk signs I saw on our trip... a ton!

Forest fires are quite scary to me. Alot of our drive was in mountainous forest areas... and I couldn't help thinking... that house doesn't have a fire break... neither does that one. Hmmmm. There were a lot.

I admire those men that love to fight fire... that is just something I could never do.

I am sure Orange (our FAT cat) would get several marks down for his shedding. He never brushes his teeth either.

RE: #3
I have never wanted to be a Firefox user... IE all the way baby.


Unknown said...

I have been having issues with IE8(a new upgrade) and EVERYONE says try firefox...well i just cant bring myself too...I like IE I am use to IE...yada yada yada

I really enjoyed your FF

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

Great post! I love your update posts...

I AM a bit curious about the comment above mine - can you read that? If so, I'm quite impressed.

I used Firefox too, , but I still have issues with it - but not as many as I had in IE.