Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WFMW: "D" Activity Trays

Tot School
We've had a dizzy 2 "D" weeks, but things are slowing down now for "E," thankfully... Here are the activity trays that worked for this 26-month-old.

Sensory Tub. I got to play with feathers! Mommy tried to find down, and this is the best she could come up with, but it worked dandy for me! Plus we get to use it again for "F" week...

Dropper. I got to use a dropper to move colored water from one cup to another. I was VERY careful!
But I really wanted to know what it tasted, since it didn't LOOK like water! So I drank it from a cup...
And I tried it straight out of the dropper, too!

Dragonfly Dancing. We colored some dragonflies that Mommy had printed on cardstock, and then she taped them to popsicle sticks, and I got to dance to music with them!

Shake and Sniff. I was SUPPOSED to get to shake some dill out of a shaker these weeks. But I managed to dump the whole jar of dried dill out on the floor before Mommy could get some of it moved into another shaker for me, so I only got to play with it once!

Dice. Mommy made cards to match each of the faces on the dice. Then I got to match a dozen dice to the different cards. The idea was to roll the dice and then match them up, but I didn't quite get that you're only supposed to look at the top face of the dice. But I did get pretty good at matching up whatever face I chose to match! I am really getting this counting thing downpat!

I also had some dice from a Scrabble game to play with and find letters...

Dominos. All that dice matching was great experience for playing dominos! I had a dots domino set I played with.
I also had a dinosaur domino set. This was way easy! I had no trouble matching up cards...

Dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs, I had a basket of dinosaurs to play with. We made a diorama for them as one of our adventures, but I got to play with them all 2 weeks, too.
And we made some dinosaur finger puppets, too!
I had a dinosaur squishy toy we got from the Dollar Scholar. Great sensory fun there!

And a dinosaur/dragon bell to ring for some hearing sensory activity...

Dogs. I had a bowl of tiny dogs to play with, too. They were fun to count. Plus they had little pencil-sized holes in the bottom so I could practice inserting my pencil into them all.

Nesting Dolls. Nesting dolls are always great fun! I especially love carrying around the tiny babies... Though Mommy constantly reminds me not to lose the babies.

Coloring. Here's my duck mug for all my exciting coloring pages and adventures!

Play Doh. Not only did I have my "D" cookie cutters (dogs, ducks, "D", and dolls), Mommy added my "old" scissors to the basket, since I have new ones for paper now! And play doh is so EASY to cut, compared to paper! What fun...

Duster. Here's my practical household fun for the week - the feather duster! I can dust the tv really well now! Plus lots of other things, like the floor...

Lacing Beads. Not a "D" thing specifically, but I practiced lacing these big beads we got at the Dollar Scholar. It was easiest using pipe cleaners, of course.

Camera. Another not "D" thing, but it was a gift from Grandma and lots of fun! This mini-camera is actually kind of like those View Finders, with pictures of animals to look at.

Dolls, Dress-up, Dishes, D Rubber Stamps, D Stickers, and D Magnets are other fun things we played with, too!

We'll share our "D" adventures with you next week!

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Le laquet said...

I love the droppers - did mum by them online? I could do with big ones like that for the nursery!!

Anne said...

Gosh! Ezme is getting bigger and more gorgeous! It looks like you've all been having a fabulous time!

Madeline said...

I'm always amazed at the number of activities y'all do. They look like such fun.

michelle said...

I love all the activities you do. . .I bet that makes for one busy week. :-)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Hi Ezme, this is Anna. You've been a busy bee (or is it a delightful doer?) this week. Your mom found so many D activities for you. My mama is boring - she just plays word games with me and makes me find the words that start with letter D. I found "draw", "drive", "dark" an "drums". Oh, and I also play dice. My papa made a special game with dice for me, because Chutes and Ladders are very confusing.