Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WFMW - "W" Crafts

Tot School
Wow - "W" is one of those weeks you could stay on forever! There is just no way to get to everything we wanted to do in "W" week...

And "W", or "dub-oo" is now my third favorite letter! I can point it out to you in the alphabet, and I know it goes down-up-down-up. Seeing as "V" is my second favorite letter, you can figure I'd like "dub-oo," cuz it's just 2 "V"s connected!

Here are some of the activities that worked for this 22-month-old this week.

Wind. We did windy stuff with my pinwheel...

World. Using blue and green paint, I painted worlds on some shatterproof Christmas ornaments that Mommy got - a big pack of them for $0.50 in the after Christmas sales.

Weather. We started keeping a weather chart.
Since all of our weather this week has been looking like this, though: wet!, I got tired of coloring raindrops on each day and started adding stickers as well...
Wishing Well. I painted a piece of card stock. After it dried, Mommy cut it into pieces and stapled it into a "wishing well" shape, putting one of those individual applesauce cups (emptied, of course), into the middle. Then she gave me a glass of water, which I poured into the well. Then she gave me a handful of coins that I carefully put into my "wishing well."

This was so much fun that I had to do it twice, and even then I kept emptying the well and refilling it with water and coins.

Worms. Look what Mommy put in front of me for breakfast this morning! Doesn't that look scary?!
After I had Mommy taste test the worms a couple of times, I overcame my fears and tried one out. Not too bad! Though it does live a sticky residue on my fingers that drove me absolutely crazy... Play Doh worms are really cool, too, by the way.

Watermelon. Now this went down real well for breakfast! I don't eat it the messy way, though. I insist that Mommy cut it up in small pieces first.

Color Sorting. If you look at my three banded fingers, doesn't that look a lot like a "W"? OK, we're stretching on the W thing here. But I did have fun color-sorting little hair scrunchies this week. Mostly I played with them, though. And Mommy says next time she'd just put two or three colors out for me to sort instead of all seven.
Winter. Mommy and I wanted to go outside and collect wintery things for a winter basket, but it's been raining nonstop. So I made a winter wonderland out of glitter glue instead...
Washing. I've been wishing I could help wash the dishes and clothes, but we're not really set up for that here in Oregon. I HAVE been helping wash the floors and windows, though.
Whistle, Walrus, and Wolf. We walked through the house collecting "W" things. Here are some of them. I still haven't figured out the whistle thing, though I've been practicing!

Oh, and when Mommy said this thing was a walrus, I knew exactly where it belonged. I made it start climbing the walls!

Watercolors. I haven't really liked watercolors until this week - maybe because it hasn't been "W" week before! But I really enjoyed it, and even got the sequence of water, paint, paper down pretty well. Maybe because I got Crayola paints, which are much brighter than the watercolors I had in Mozambique.
Windows. Speaking of painting, Mommy got me a set of different kinds of paint brushes, sponge brushes, etc. I had lots of fun with them. And I really enjoyed gluing this week! I've always used a glue stick, but this time I used white glue in a bowl with a paint brush. What fun!

We made stained-glass windows by gluing tissue paper pieces onto window-shaped paper. This would make a good suncatcher if you used contact paper instead, but I wanted to glue, so this is what we did.
Wheel Art. Mommy poured some paint onto a paper bag, and I ran my wood car through it to make wheel tracks in the paint.

Waitressing. I really appreciate Mommy's waitressing! I even left her a tip - see?! Now her cooking - well, that's another story. If she would just always give me whipped cream on my waffles for "W" week, then maybe I'd eat her food more often.

Songs. There are lots of cool "W" songs you can find on YouTube, like "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," "What a Wonderful World," and "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Books. Since we have access to a library for the time being, Mommy checked out some books on "W" things, including:

-Warthogs in the Kitchen, by Pamela Duncan Edwards

-Diary of a Worm, by Doreen Cronin

-Thank You, World, by Alice McGinty

-He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, by Kadir Nelson

-What Shall We Do When We All Go Out? by Shari Halpern

-What a Wonderful World, illustrated by Ashley Bryan

We already posted about wonder, wrinkle, and warm. Some other ideas we had included wreaths, wagons, watch, wave, and writing words...

So that's what worked for us this week! Now on to "X" - which I'm sure is going to be another favorite letter of mine!

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ShEiLa said...

I always love the posts about my favorite busy girlfriend Esmé.

I have never had worms in my cereal... thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of W's to do! You were busy this week.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! There was a lot to do with the letter W. I love the watercolors.

dani said...

what a wonderful week of w's, esme!!! when i was a little older than you, i remember loving to read "wacky wednesday" and trying to figure out what was wacky on each of the pages:)
do you know that i cannot stand eating with my fingers, either, i don't like getting my hands dirty nor sticky!!!

Life is Good said...

Thanks for sharing! I love all the lovely ideas!