Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WFMW - "D" Crafts

The "S" key is sticky on our computer - a soft press doesn't do anything, and if you press hard, you get multiple ssssss's. Thank goodness this isn't "S" week! We had a hard enough time as it was - I was coming down sick and Mommy wasn't feeling inspired by "D." What's Mommy gonna do when we get to "X"?

We did do SOME stuff, and here are the "D" crafts that worked for this 15-month-old this week.

Doll Prints. Mommy made some play dough, and the idea was to put doll hand and feet prints into it. Obviously I think I'm quite a doll, cuz I put my own prints in it!
Paper Dolls. We colored some dolls and Mommy cut them out for me. I practiced dressing them - putting socks on before shoes, that sort of thing. Mommy's note: We went for something simple and used templates from They weren't very durable - we only intended them for short use, and I've taped the heads back on 4 times now.
Drinks. When we went grocery shopping, we bought six cold drinks and handed them out to people on our drive back. Mommy says it definitely doesn't alleviate world hunger, but it does put a smile on faces, and that is a special kind of art.

Doilies. I colored some foil doilies. The oil pastel crayons worked pretty well on the foil, but Mommy still keeps a careful eye on me because I like to eat them.

Doughnuts. We were going to make baked doughnuts - Mommy got the recipe and everything. But we ran out of time, and I was so sick Mommy decided they wouldn't be good for me anyway. So we made blue doughnuts out of play dough instead.

Diamonds. I made a diamond suncatcher. Mommy cut two pieces of contact paper into a diamond shape, and also cut pieces of gold ribbon into diamonds. I stuck the diamond ribbon pieces onto one of the contact papers, and when I was done she put the other contact paper onto it sticky sides together.

Stickers. This was a big sticker week for me. Here are a dragonfly bookmark and a dog card I made to give away. I gave the card to Uncle Marlon for his birthday.

And then while Mommy was busy doing something else and I was supposed to be coloring my Dragonfly page, I snuck into the scrapbooking cupboard and pulled out a bunch of alphabet stickers. I put them on my coloring page all by myself! Obviously I like stickers . . .

Dinosaurs. We made some dinosaur finger puppets - templates from I put my fingers through the holes to make legs. But I didn't want to model this for Mommy to take photos, so here is a photo of some legless dinosaurs.

Dots. Mommy put some glue dots on a piece of paper and I sprinkled baby powder on it. The idea was to get white dots, but it didn't work as expected. Mommy says glitter would have worked better, but we don't have any. But sprinkling baby powder is always fun! Then I put dot-like stickers on another piece of paper.

Diapers. Ever wonder what to do with those unused disposable diapers that have missing tabs, etc.? We did diaper art! Mommy mixed some watercolor paint (food coloring would probably work better, but we didn't have any) with water, and then we used a dropper to drop the colored water onto the diaper. I needed a little help squeezing, though I did fine squeezing the dropper when it WASN'T over the diaper.

Mommy says you might want to use a color other than red. But I don't think yellow would look so hot, either. In fact, I can't think of any colors that don't have some "yuck" connotations to them when it comes to diapers. But it WAS fun!

Doll Dressup. Two "D"s with this one! When we were in the US in May, Mommy bought a bunch of scarves from Goodwill for 99 cents a piece. I like to use these to dress up myself AND my dolls.

Dog Card. We made a dog card by folding a square sheet of brown construction paper into a triangle, and then folding ears down. Mommy drew a face, and I painted yellow spots on the dog.

Dog Mask. This one wasn't such a hot craft. I barely colored it - my favorite coloring spot was the eye holes, which Mommy cut out afterwards, anyway. And I DID NOT want it on my face. So Mommy had to model it.

Daisies. I painted the inside of some muffin cups with yellow tempera paint to make daisies. Mommy's note - keep a close eye on this one. Three of the daisies were eaten before I got to them. I guess muffin cup paper is as delicious as toilet paper.

Drums. I love tapping a beat on my African drums!

So that's what worked this week. Thanks to everyone who gave ideas last week! And the "E"s are going much better - we'll show you next week!
**I know I should be giving people credit for most of these ideas, but I've picked them up all over the place so can't remember or figure out who. So if you feel you deserve the credit, let me know and I'll give it to you. Some key sites I've used:

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Laura said...

My favorite was your 'special kind of art' ~ handing out drinks to people on the drive home from the store. Beautiful. That may have seemed like a simple gesture, but it sure meant a lot to the person receiving your gift :)

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad I got to 'meet' you :)

African Kelli said...

Esme, I have to say -- I think your mama has some sort of supernatural creativity gene. You are one lucky girl! I especially liked the part of handing out drinks to thirsty friends along the route home. You are a sweet girl!

Sandra said...

I just love how creative you are, I mean, goodness, I only wish I had thought of half of these when my kids were Esme's age.

Love it. :)

Pam said...

you are so creative. I wish I had the energy to do all that!

Andrea said...

I'd say that's a lot of "D" stuff you came up with this week...despite being sick and all. :) I looove those Daisies! They are so pretty. And diaper art...haha...that one is so funny! Love it!

Danielle said...

Esme! Your momma is one smart lady. I enjoyed reading about all of yur D activities- especially because my name starts with a D!

Anonymous said...

You always have such fabulous craft ideas!

Momisodes said...

These are awesome! I can definitely do some of these with my daughter. I would have never thought to do these :)

Anonymous said...

I always love reading your crafty posts, but I have to say I chuckled more than once out loud on this one. I loved that you tried eating the daisies.

And I know how your mommy felt while she tried to get you to pose with your dinosaur finger puppets, because Zaney and I just went through this just tonight.

And I loved that you handed out cold drinks, how sweet.

It was funny to hear how you pulled out the stickers and put them on your sheet with no help. I have to say Zaney and I have to pull out the stickers.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your blog more every Wednesday. You and your mom have some wonderful crafts that you do together.

Claremont First Ward said...

The diaper art is genius!