Friday, April 25, 2008

Hole in One

I played golf with Mommy and Daddy for the first time today, and boy, am I good! I got THE best score!

We went to Komatipoort (just across the border in South Africa) for some business and finally checked out that golf course we’ve been seeing every trip.

And I got lots of holes in one. Don’t know what the big deal is. You just take the ball and drop it in the hole. I don’t understand why Mommy and Daddy kept getting upset when I helped them drop their balls in the hole.

Mommy got a 64. She said not to tell you if it was a 9-hole or an 18-hole course. (She also says she hasn’t played in more than 5 years, and wasn’t that good the few times she did play.)

But it was a fun, beautiful day, and I got to drive the golf cart a lot. And here are the photos:

Me driving the cart.

Getting ready for tee off: Got the ball and the club! Who needs a tee? Especially when you're using a putter to tee off!

Giving Daddy some putting pointers:

Impala next to the fairway:

Official ball spotter. He didn't do so hot - Daddy lost 3 balls and Mommy lost a few more than Daddy.
One of the views from the course. We need a new camera, as this one just doesn't do it justice.


Simply Stork said...

Oh I think the course is lovely...and the deer(I think it's a deer) so cool.

looks like you had a great time together :o)


just jamie said...

Stunning child in a stunning setting.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll check back here for more...

Lori said...

what a beautiful setting. I'm sure you did a great job helping Mommy and Daddy speed up the game

... said...

cute post. the scenery looks beautiful. and to have an impala graze while golfing would make my day =)

Anonymous said...

The only way I'll agree to go golfing is if there's lots of food, drink, and I get to drive the cart! hee hee

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Great looking course. Deer? Wow!