Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Informational: StoryBuilder App

We were excited about an opportunity to review StoryBuilder, an app for the iPhone or 4th generation iTouch (with camera).  When we attempted to download the app 12.5 days after receiving the promo code, however, we got a message that the code had already been used.  So no fun, no review…

It really looks like a helpful product for young kiddos just starting on the language arts journey, so I thought I’d share the info about this app with you.


Story Builder is designed to help children accomplish the following goals: 1) Improve paragraph formation; 2) Improve integration of ideas; and 3) Improve higher level abstractions by inference.  Extensive use of audio clips promotes improved auditory processing for special needs children with autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing disorders.  Story Builder offers a rich and fun environment for improving the ability to create a narrative.


  • Record feature allows students to record narrative in their own voice
  • 3 levels of play
  • Simple and intuitive interface to record narrative
  • Recorded answers are stitched together to create complete narrative
  • 50 distinct story lines to create narratives from
  • Over 500 audio clips of questions to guide narrative
  • Optional question text and answer introduction reinforcement

Recommended Age:  ages 6-10 and/or special needs 
Price:  $5.99
For More Info/To Purchase:  
For Reviews: Schoolhouse Review Crew

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