Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Lots & Lots of Fire…

What is the fascination kids have with fire and fire trucks?  I remember having a little fear and awe, always worried the trucks were headed towards my house.  Whatever it is, the fascination hasn’t skipped Esmé.


We’ve been enjoying a DVD/book set put out by Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc.  The DVD is chock full of songs and safety tips, and lots and lots of clips of fire trucks – all kinds – on the job.  The book is a colorful complement to the DVD, once again loaded with a variety of fire photos and facts, including an overview of firefighting equipment, firehouse traditions, a history of fires and firefighting, and words to the songs on the DVD.


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Recommended Age:  Ages 4-10

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Esmé’s Synopsis:  My favorite song is 911!  This is because I can learn what to do when our house is on fire.  These are the fire safety rules:

  1. Never play with mattresses.
  2. When you are on fire, stop playing.  Drop and roll in a wet towel.
  3. Call 911.
  4. Set all mattresses up high so young kids can’t reach them.
  5. If there is a fire, feel the door.  If it is hot, do not open it.

Mom’s note:  YES, we are working on the pronunciation of “matches.”  Obviously, we don’t have them laying around the house for young kids to play with…P1050163

What Mom Liked:

  • Safety tips. The DVD especially got my daughter thinking about what to do in the event of a fire.  She’s totally a master of the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique now.
  • Lots of variety.  The book is loaded with facts and full-color pictures.  I love the “Old Time Firefighter’s Alphabet.”  You could easily use this as the basis of a full unit study, with fire science, history, literature, museum field trip, and even recipes included in the book.
  • Website references. Website references are given on both the DVD and to book if you are interested in doing extension activities.
  • Humanitarian emphasis.  Beyond the appeal of fires and fire trucks, there was a segment on the video that alluded to serving others – the heroism involved, not just for fire fighting, but in other occupations of service.  I appreciated that.

What Mom Didn’t Like:

  • Professional Quality.  Both the DVD and the book seemed just a little sub-quality to me.  The DVD had a great variety of clips, but the images weren’t crisp on our 54-inch screen, and there were no subtitles (always a downside for me).  And the book’s full-color glossy layout was appealing, but the graphic design seemed a little amateurish. Let it be noted that this issue did not affect Esmé’s opinion of the product at all! 

Thanks to Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. for providing the book for review and to TOS Crew for coordinating the review.  We are not being paid for this review, and all opinions are our own.