Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 12 Homeschool Wrap-Up

Theme for our studies this week…. St Patrick’s Day.  We wrapped up our ladybug study (more on that later) and started in on the green stuff.
P1020890 (2)

A great book we read…. Small Green Snake by Libba Moore Gray.  Cute baby snakes, lovely sound effects, a pleasure to read aloud and a book that is requested multiple times.
Small Green Snake (Orchard Paperbacks) 

One lesson or interesting fact we learned…. St. Patrick was a slave for six years.  After I explained the concept of a slave to Esmé, she started telling me all the things she would have her slave do for her if she could have one.  Gulp – I’m not letting her put one on her birthday wish list… :)

We had a lightbulb moment this week…. Esmé is starting to read words on signs and in stores – sounding them out and/or asking me for help.  I love it!  “Mom” is one of my favorites.

As Mom/teacher, I found this week to be…. Busy busy busy.  It’s hard to get beyond busy…

A favorite hands-on project…. Building with blocks – Esmé figured out the patterning thing to make a tall tall tower.  Then she played “frog pond” with her tower.
P1020966 (2)

Favorite extracurricular activity (if any this week)…. Wildlife Safari trip – where Mom got to play tug-o-war with a lioness.  Esmé opted out.  It was pouring rain, but neither of us minded.
P1020920 (2)

We laughed when…. she decided to be a Ying or some other such Dr. Seuss creature, using a feather duster.
P1020961 (2)

Craft idea for this week….  The cut-and-paste St. Patrick’s Day activities at First-School, particularly the St. Patrick’s Day Candle Craft and the Irish Teddy Bear Craft

I am praying for my child to….  understand that beauty is more than skin deep. 
P1020888 (2)

I am learning to…. use MySQL – and figure out all the reasons it’s better or worse than MS SQL Server. 

My favorite new resource is…. Pencil Fun Books.  I was in the local Christian bookstore when I noticed a few of these – vintage edition copyright 1971 – on the shelf.  My dad was a Christian bookstore manager when I was a kid, so I must have gone through all the books.

I grabbed one for Esmé and enjoyed it at least as much as she did.  I was excited to see that David C. Cook has a new version of the books – just do a search for “Pencil Fun Books.”
P1020982 (2)

Pic of the week….  Take 2:  Puddles are to splash in.
P1020939 (2)

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JanMary @ said...

Have not visited here in ages, it is lovely to see how your daughter is growing up :)

Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

Fun activities:) I love preschool:) And I love the form of your wrap -up:)

ShEiLa said...

I love Miss Esme's purple headband and her shirt... and the whole 'beauty is more than skin deep' concept.

Thanks for the comment.