Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Spirit

P1000960This week’s link up at The Homeschool Village is about fall spirit: 
  • How do you show your fall spirit?
  • Is every corner of your house decorated in fall colors?
  • Does your child have a costume they want to wear every day?
  • Do you bake until pumpkin pie comes out of your ears?
Wow – is it really fall already?  I mean, I know it is – and it’s almost over, but I’m not personally there yet.  Our fall-themed study is still coming up – I hope to have it done by December! 

Just as well – since all the fall picture books have been checked out of the library, and maybe they’ll be checked back in by then.  And all the fall stuff will be on clearance in the stores.  There really are some benefits to being half-a-season-behind.

So to answer the questions:  no, we don’t have any decorations up - yet.  Yes, my child wants to wear a costume every day – but that has nothing to do with fall.  And I will gladly eat pumpkin pie until it comes out of my ears, but I’m not squeezing the baking thing into my schedule very well right now.

What seems to be in our tradition – getting taxes done by the Oct 15 extended deadline.  That means DVD marathon for Miss Esmé.

I did try to make up for it by a trip to the pumpkin patch.  And hopefully that will become a tradition.

Next year I’ll try to fit in Reformation Day activities.

And next year our fruit trees and vines should be bearing again, and we’ll protect our garden from the deer, so we’ll actually get to really celebrate harvest.

This year, the 1 hour we gain because of Daylight Savings Time will be my biggest cause for celebration.  Seriously.  Now to think of some activities to fill up that hour…


April said...

Hi Mozi,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I know what you mean about costumes - my boys lived to dress in variant costumes for the first 8 years of their lives. :-)

You are SO right about the half price sales. Our Christmas village only gets and add-on when the sales hit. However, it sure seems to come earlier and earlier every year. They are putting up Valentines stuff before Christmas even gets here it seems. I enjoyed your blog!


Rebecca (me!) said...

Love your picture of the sunflower and that beautiful princess below it! Thanks for linking up at The Homeschool Village!

joelle said...

Thanks for stopping by. I loved reading your post. And yes behind 1/2 season behind does not sound too bad at all. Nice meeting you.

Deb Chitwood said...

How true that it sometimes works well to be behind the season! I do a lot of shopping for seasonal things during the clearance sales as well - and they really do seem to arrive earlier each year!
Deb @