Friday, January 8, 2010


Esmé's Mommy here.

I'm tired.

It's hard work to break all your new year's resolutions in one week. (I love lists, so I've got a long list, you know. More on that later.)

And I think I've succeeded - after a late 2:30 p.m. lunch trip to Taco Bell this afternoon when I decided I couldn't make the 1/2-hour drive all the way home without some sustenance.

Bet you thought we'd quit blogging! We actually have plenty to blog about. In fact, I was seriously ready to start a new blog or two with the new year. But that didn't happen as planned. We haven't had a good post in so long that we've been feeling the need for a grand comeback, and we just haven't had the time.

So we'll just say hi for now and let you know we're still here and have lots to blog about...

Let's see - just a quick summary of the past week or so.

New Years with the cousins in Portland! Lots of cousins...

Back home late on Sunday.

Four days of work this week (instead of just two).

A car that broke down this week - that is probably not worth fixing. (So it's the SUV for the moment, which is great as long as I don't look at the fuel gauge. A CD player, cruise control, rear window wiper - all the foreign luxuries I'd forgotten existed...)

A broken card reader on my laptop - so it's a bit of a hassle getting photos off my camera. And the laptop needs work done on it before the warranty expires, anyway.

A split lip on a two-year-old.

A fun new curriculum - both at daycare and at home.

A printer that's out of ink - and we've got to print out next week's curriculum before next week!

A jam-packed book review schedule for the next two months. Mostly on the other blog, but you're seeing its effect here.

Another schedule. That's sort of working, as long as I ignore all the things that didn't make it onto the schedule. Like blog-related stuff.

And lots of resolutions. Including blogging resolutions. All broken.

I'll stop there for now. I've got a two-year-old who needs to come out of the bathtub before she wears out her voice singing "I'm a birdie that flies" while maneuvering her sting ray through the air.

At least we've broken through the comeback barrier...


sheila said...

lol, sounds crazy!

Jennifer said...

I've been neglecting my blog recently too, but this week found some mojo to get back to it!

ShEiLa said...

I don't know if this is a good idea... but I did not set one resolution and therefore I have not failed.

That theory kind of goes along with my no expectations theory. If you have NO expectations then you cannot be disappointed when they fall through. ;)


ps. I have missed the more personal posts. I love the ones like this that you write and the Esme ones.

Sues2u2 said...

Missed you guys. Totally get the "other things to do rather than blog right now".