Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mission Sunday

Squeezing in a few moments for a Mission Sunday before we have to mark Sunday off the calendar...

The last Mission Sunday we did was prior to Christmas, so we've got a few Christmasy links - but I think that Christmas spirit should last all year round, anyways.
  1. Christmas Spirit Inspirations - In addition to the reminder to focus on helping just one - rather than being overwhelmed by the great need out there, there are a stack of links at 5 Minutes for Mom where moms share what has inspired them this Christmas.
  2. He is Always Enough - A guest post over at Winning Readings - this is not only a reminder that God is enough, it also reminds me that God has many wounded soldiers who need a little care. There are committed people who put everything into a ministry, only to have it fail by the world's standards, or to have something tragic happen that makes them question God's call. No Graven Image, by Elisabeth Elliott, is one of my favorite fiction books that makes me rethink what it means to be called by God into ministry.
  3. Finding Service Opportunities for Young Children - We've posted about this topic before, but here is another good list at MamaBlogga. It may be too late to serve during the holiday season, but it's not too late to designate 2010 as a year of service.
  4. Did you know?! - A reminder from Join the Journey, showcasing little Josie, that there are so many children who need our help.
  5. Harvest Ministry - has a free downloadable guide to help you and your family have a mission-minded 2010!
  6. How to Give All Year - a very timely list of ideas to keep that giving spirit going all year even after the holiday giving frenzy.
  7. And amidst my list of already-broken resolutions of the year, I love this short but sweet reminder from My Place of Peace to look to Jesus instead of our resolutions.
Have a blessed week!


Brooke said...

thanks for all the great links.

ShEiLa said...

I know that this comment is not topic related...

I was laying in bed this morning just thinking and all of the sudden it dawned on me... I have not seen a Fashion Friday in awhile... you didn't stop doing it did you? I hope not.


sheila said...

Great links! Have a blessed week yourself!